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Women Are Way Stupider Than Our Grandmothers Were

I watch 90 Day Fiance where people from America fall in love with foreign strangers on the internet and decide to marry them without meeting them in person.

It’s obvious most of the foreigners aren’t in love. They just want to get to America. I don’t know why they bother with internet “dating” and applying for a Fiancé Visa when all they need to do is go to Mexico and walk across the border.

The women who fall for these foreigners always have children and want to make this strange man become their instant daddy. One middle-aged woman was upset her 25 year old fiancé wasn’t into being a dad to her 14 and 5 year old. He was so abysmal at being a father he encouraged the teen to go have sex if she wanted to.

This guy is not your baby’s dada

One woman made her toddler call the online boyfriend “daddy” before they had even met in person. The child is going to grow up thinking any man mommy is Skyping is her father.

Then another woman had a baby with a man she wasn’t married to while “dating” her Internet Fiancé, who lives in England. Of course, Internet Fiancé is now “dada” to this baby. He can’t get a visa because of his violent criminal past. She can’t move to England because the father of her other child won’t allow it. If she would just stop having kids with different dudes her life wouldn’t be such a chocolate mess. Maybe then she wouldn’t be so desperate she’s trolling the internet for an Insta’ Dada.


This woman has a husband



But I’ve seen my own girlfriends do this, have all these illegitimate kids with various and assorted men. They are always searching for some guy to be “daddy” to a brood that aren’t his.

I’ve always wondered why my friends don’t try to work things out with the father(s) or make a better choice in who they allow to knock them up in the first place.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to all this non-life enhancing chaos:

Women need to stop having sex with men they aren’t married to

You heard me, ladies. I don’t care that it’s 2018. You need a ring on your finger before you give up the goodies. Why? Because you’re the one who’s going to get knocked up. Not him.

Women are way stupider than our grandmothers were

Back in the good old days when three year olds worked in coal mines, couples got married before they fooled around. It was one way to catch a man, hold out until he proposed out of sheer horniness. Women were often virgins on their wedding night — or they got married the instant they realized she was pregnant. This isn’t old fashioned. It’s smart.

You want the father of your child committed to you so he sticks around to help you raise it

Without marriage, there is minimal level of commitment on the man’s part. Boyfriend/girlfriend is a loose relationship that can be ended by not returning texts. A baby mama to a man is just an annoyance he is forced to deal with sometimes. Having a man’s baby doesn’t create a special bond between you two except when it comes to court appearances.

Marriage isn’t just a piece of paper. It is a social, often religious, legally binding commitment that changes the status of the two singles into a legitimate family unit. It isn’t that having kids out of wedlock is a bad thing morally. It isn’t good for the woman nor for the children she will be raising alone.

The current liberal trend of “feminism” and claiming women don’t need men is ludicrous. Women do need men and single motherhood isn’t empowering. It’s very difficult and often leads to children living in poverty.

And based on what I’ve observed, many single moms aren’t doing a bang-up job. When these mommies can’t get the kids to do what they want, they call 911. They call law enforcement — who are mostly MEN — to come and discipline the child they had with some guy from a boozy one-night stand. This is insanity.

Marriage is the foundation of a stable society

We need to see some husbands and fathers here

If you don’t believe how important marriage is, then take a look at how unstable communities are when they have a high illegitimate birth rate. Take a look at how badly children do in life without their father involved in their lives.

Black community, I’m looking at you.















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  1. Walking over the border doesn’t give a right to be in the country, a right to work legally, a right to travel to other countries and return, etc., unlike marrying a US citizen.
    On the other hand, maybe these foreigners aren’t coming from cultures where leaving a wife with kid is as acceptable as here.

    • Illegals may not be able to work legally but they can still work under the table or with someone else’s stolen social security card. They have all the benefits of being in the US without having to pay up like the rest of us. They get FREE schooling for their kids, FREE access to healthcare, FREE social services like police, etc.

      • That’s more like having some of the benefits with no guarantee you still have any of these benefits tomorrow.
        If being an illegal immigrant were that great, how come no one who complains that

      • …complains that illegal immigrants have it way better than the natives, doesn’t refuse their US citizenship, then sneaks back into the US illegally?

        • That’s ridiculous. American citizens aren’t going to be illegally sneaking in the country to claim to be illegals. It wouldn’t work for many of us to claim we’re illegals. The FBI has my fingerprints on file when I got licensed.

          • Why wouldn’t it work? You’d walk across the border, buy a fake Social Security card and birth certificate, and get a job picking strawberries or peaches for $3/hour 15 hours a day, and enjoy free roads and schools without having to pay taxes. You wouldn’t need your fingerprints for any of that, until maybe when ICE catches you or the police arrests you for something.

            • They have started checking fingerprints, and are even using facial recognition. Your idea isn’t feasible anyway. But for homeless people, maybe they should do that, claim they are illegals.

              They don’t buy “fake” SS numbers, they steal other people’s and then ruin their credit. I’m not into stealing and ruining people’s lives. You act like all they do is pick fruit for $1.00 an hour. Landscapers around here get paid very good money and I’m sure some, if not all, are illegals. The roofers also get paid well, and especially if it’s under the table.

              Even if they are only making $3 an hour, it MUST be better than what they have in Mexico. Otherwise, why are they here? You act as if there are no benefits to coming here and obviously there are.

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