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Americans Are Just Supposed to Be Slaves to the Entire World


This is an old American slave

A few hundred years ago we brought Africans over and made them our slaves. America gets bashed for its history of slave owning, but slavery had been around for thousands of years before we existed. Slavery was supposed to be abolished in the 1800s, but it turns out it really wasn’t.

We have a modern day form of slavery in America. This underclass of individuals are known as The Employed. They are the new slaves. Like the slaves of old who kept the plantations running, these new slaves are responsible for keeping the whole nation going. They are the ones who keep the wheels of society turning.  They have get up early every morning, get dressed, and go to work every day—most likely at a job they hate—to keep the infrastructure going and support all the others who don’t work.


Queuing up to be future new slaves

The Employed have their hard-earned money forcefully taken from them against their will before they even see it.  Oh, sure, The Employed are allowed to keep a portion of their money by the government—but for some of their work day—they are working for free. Added up over the course of a lifetime of working, and it’s years an employed person works for free. Non-voluntary labor for free is the definition of slavery.

The Employed aren’t asked if they want their money handed to people who have multiple children they can’t afford or asked if they wish to pay for the education, housing, food, EBT cards and medical care for all the free-loaders and illegals.  No, The Employed have no choice. They are forced to hand over their money to support everyone else in the country—and even have their money go to foreigners living in other countries.

No Vacancy at the Statue of Liberty Inn

France, you can can take back your statue any time now. We don’t need it any more.

Our government makes The Employed not only support their fellow countrymen, but also illegal immigrants. We have had open borders—as if America belongs to the rest of the world and everyone has a right to come here. Obama wanted to bring in thousands of Muslim refugees because…….The Statue of Liberty.

Obama said we needed to bring in these refugees because it’s our values and “who we are”. Ah, wrong. The State of Liberty doesn’t say:

“Give me your ignorant, your angry, your filthy masses yearning to take advantage of the American taxpayer. Send these, the homeless, the tempest tossed, who will never assimilate because their cultural and religious values are so different from ours.”

It isn’t even an issue of whether terrorists could sneak in with the refugees (although that is a concern). Currently in America, we have more people on welfare then are employed. The Non-Working class is overwhelming The Employed. This is not a sustainable system, yet our government appears to be oblivious and is having a raging debate about whether to bring the refugees* in or not. There shouldn’t be a debate.

America is broke.

…..and when you’re broke, you don’t invite a bunch of unemployable, poor people to come live in your house.


*A study of refugees showed that 91% of them were still on welfare five years after coming to America. But of course they are. They can’t speak, read or write English. They have no skills or education. They aren’t even Taco Bell material.

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