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The Women's Marches are Run By Islamic Terrorists and Murderers - Staked in the Heart
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The Women’s Marches are Run By Islamic Terrorists and Murderers

Linda Sarsour smugly showing her allegiance to ISIS. She looks like she’d fit right in running the Yazidi slave auctions and beheading Kurdish soldiers

The Women’s March, centered in Washington, took place Jan. 21st in various parts of the world. The women wore pink crocheted “pussy hats” handcrafted by The Pussy Hat Project, whose mission is to draw attention to the “mistreatment of women in this [western] society”.

Ridiculous though the pussy hats were, they were silly fun compared to the maggot-filled underbelly of The Women’s March. The media failed to report on that part.

Linda tweets that Sharia is “reasonable”

The March was organized by Linda Sarsour, a Muslim with ties to the terror group Hamas. She can be found on Twitter regularly tweeting out vile, pro-Sharia babblings.

The march was supposed to be about women’s and LGBT rights. Yet, this rabid promoter of Islam was an organizer and key note speaker. (The ten countries in the world with the death penalty for homosexuality are all Muslim.)

Non-Muslims could try on head scarves at Hijab Stations as their first step toward being oppressed by a violent, woman hating ideology. This hijab trying was lapped up by smiling non-Muslims who viewed the experience as some sort of women’s rights victory. They cried and hugged each other before plopping their pink pussy hats on top of their hijabs.

If there had been a Clitoris Removal Station many marchers would have enthusiastically queued up to have their genitals sliced off in a show of solidarity with Muslims.

Non-Muslims chanted “Allahu Akbar” to show support for their Muslim “friends”. According the Quran, Muslims are not to be friends with infidel dogs. Non-believers are to be lied to, used as sex slaves and smited at the neck.

Here she is: “victim” Donna Hylton who brutally murdered a gay man

Another speaker at the March, Donna Hylton, spent 27 years in prison for murdering a gay man. She spoke about how women are “marginalized,” “vilified” and “dehumanized”.

Donna sodomized her victim with a three foot steel rod….but she’s the victim. She mocked Trump for his locker room talk….but she squeezed her victim’s testicles with pliers until they popped.

Why would Linda Sarsour, a pro-Sharia, ISIS sympathizing Muslima organize a march that supposedly promotes women’s rights?

One of the “rights” they were all marching for is the right to get an abortion, but abortions are forbidden in Islam. Sarsour is advocating abortion….for infidel dogs only. It will make it so much faster for Sharia to be implemented everywhere if infidels can conveniently kill their unborn babies.

This is both hideous and offensive. It is the antithesis of everything America stands for

The marchers were clearly “useful idiots.” The marches weren’t designed to promote anyone’s rights. They were a way to indoctrinate extremely naive, gullible women into Islam.

The Women’s March accomplished just the opposite of what the marchers intended

None of the marchers bothered to look into who was behind organizing the March and what the true purpose was. They were blindly swept away in an estrogenic fervor of virtue signaling. They thought stomping around with crocheted vaginas on their heads was accomplishing something. They just didn’t know what.

The March didn’t solidify the concept women have certain rights; it illustrated that women have such poor decision making they can’t even act in their own best interests. These women proved they don’t have the requisite skill set to realize when they are being used for someone else’s nefarious agenda.

Maybe we need to have some of our rights taken away

If women are going to be influenced and lead by the type of human filth that organized and spoke at The Women’s March they are showing such bad judgement they should—at the very least—lose the right to vote.

Rasmea Yousef Odeh, as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside

The next Women’s March is to be a more militant with women stopping traffic and punching people. It’s being organized by convicted Palestinian terrorist/killer, Rasmea Yousef Odeh.

Rasmea murdered two students when she blew up a grocery store in Israel. She lied on her “extremely vetted” VISA application about her conviction for murder and was allowed in our country.

So we have a Co-Chair of one March who pushes Islam—a religion where women are Honor Killed and gays are punished with death. One of the speakers tortured a gay man to death. Another Women’s March is being organized by a convicted terrorist and murderer.

What the hell kind of rights marches are these?!













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