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Sex Freak Lindsay Lohan Is Converting to Islam - Staked in the Heart
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Sex Freak Lindsay Lohan Is Converting to Islam

Lindsay must be getting claustrophobic with that unfamiliar stuff wrapped around her. Last time she had on this much clothing she was in jail.

Lindsay Lohan is once again in the news. Not for the usual screamfest with her latest boyfriend or girlfriend nor for flashing her cooch in public — this time it’s to make an announcement.

She’s back from a trip to Turkey. I know you think she went there for the cheaper drugs and best hash in the world, but you’re wrong.

Lindsay has been “working” with Syrians in refugee camps. It wasn’t easy. First, she had to come to her senses and realize she wasn’t in a bar. Then she had to fend off refugees in “sexual emergencies” and dodge the Female Genital Mutilation tent in order to pass out energy drinks.

It was Red Bull for Refugees so they can stay vigilant and avoid being singled out for beheadings or floggings. Thank Allah Lindsay was there to help.

When she finds out alcohol isn’t permitted, she’ll toss that Quran right in the trash

LiLo was deeply moved by her experience. She has decided to convert to Islam, changing from her previously held belief in Marlboros and hair extensions.

Lindsay claims she’s been “studying the Quran” for a while and finds it “peaceful”.  She must have read the “Quran for Drug-addled Western Skanks” rather than the actual Quran.

‘Cause the real Quran promotes men beating, raping and Honor Killing their wives and commands Muslims to smite the necks of non-believers. Islam promotes martyrdom with promises of paradise to any who lose their lives killing non-believers for Allah. And remember the fatwa (call for death) put on Salmon Rushdie for writing a book? Death, that’s the punishment for saying anything bad about Mohammad. So peaceful.

While on her Saving the World mission, Linds met with Turkish President Erdogan, whom she describes as having “a big heart”. Note to Lindsay: Erdogan is trying to turn the-used-to-be-secular Turkey into an Islamic Pit of Hell.

Lindsay looks like President Erdogan’s 3rd sister wife

What was she, this has-been actress best known for being a trainwreck, doing meeting with a head of state?? In fairness, maybe she was sent by the CIA to assassinate Erdogan by giving him the antibiotic resistant strain of gonorrhea.

Lindsay claims she was afraid of traveling back to NYC because of her interest in Islam. She was worried she might encounter Islamophobia for her Muslim beliefs. Uhm…you aren’t a Muslim, Lindsay, you aren’t even close.

Let’s see the “peace” Islam gives to women. I can’t post many photos because they are too gruesome.

These heinous acts against women aren’t being done just by “radical” Islamists or terrorists. These acts are being carried out every single day by ordinary Muslims in Islamic countries.

Woman in Pakistan Honor Killed by her family

UPDATE 10/1/18:

The other day LiLo was in Moscow (?) trying to “help” a Syrian refugee family by inviting them to her hotel. She Live Streamed this so we could all see how altruistic she is. Speaking in her own made-up language with a fake Arabic accent, Linds demanded the family go with her. When the mother refused, Linds grabbed at a child and accused the mother of “trafficking” the children.

This resulted in the mother punching Lindsay as hard as she could in the face and knocking her the ground. And people say Lindsay isn’t entertaining any more….





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  1. Well we know Lindsey sucks a good dick , because even being sentenced to jail time she never did more than a day.
    She is broke zero cash and figured refugees would pay her more to get on her knees than Hollywood will.

    Every time I see a bug someplace I make sure it’s not her incase she gets a gig on worlds dumbest.

    Maybe she will move to turkey and do the US a favor

  2. She must be several sandwiches short of a picnic , or maybe she wants to join Team America & go undercover …” maybe she was sent by the CIA to assassinate Erdogan by giving him the antibiotic resistant strain of gonorrhea.” Hahaha… class !!…..I think you will fit in well with us caustic British bastards !!


    • I’m half English. I can trace my English roots to back to the year 1000 in Warwickshire. I’m proud of my English heritage. Maybe that’s where I get my wit from. : )

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