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More Liberal Insanity: The Fart Rape

In my post Liberals are the New Nazis, I point out how “progressive”  liberalism has de-evolved into the new Nazism.

The main tool of oppression for the Nazi party was the Gestapo. They attacked all perceived enemies of the state, anyone opposing their fascist agenda. The Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are the Gestapo of the Liberal party.

Completely oblivious

A SJW is a person who promotes socially “progressive” views such as femi-nazism, Black Power, accepting Islam and giving the finger to white, straight, working class males.

In street riots, mass tweetings, and forums, the SJWs spew their hate-filled bile. They scream at, threaten to kill or assault anyone who dares express an opinion they disagree with.

Recently, a female Trump supporter was pepper-sprayed in the face by a SJW. (Yet, according to liberals, President Trump is the misogynist.)

Liberals welcome diversity as long as it’s not diversity of thought.

These jackbooted thugs in ugly grandma glasses lecture us about not body shaming, but gleefully mock Trump for his “tiny” hands and “Cheeto dust” skin color.  SJWs smugly believe they are morally superior while shrieking, “This is a class war!” and leading mobs to vandalism. At one Inauguration riot, SJWs burned to the ground a limo the Muslim owner used to make his living.

It’s all “Love Trumps Hate!”

SJWs justify their tossing urine on Gold Star families and all their domestic terror because they claim to be working to make the world more a peaceful, more loving, more equitable place.

To quote SJW Laurie Penny from her Why We’re Winning blog post: “We are more resourceful, more compassionate, more culturally aware.”


The SJWs believe certain groups, like LGBT, women, Muslims, and blacks are oppressed, and they are the self-appointed champions fighting for their rights. But we have equality in western society. The time to fight for social justice in America was back in the 1950s—or any time prior to now would be good. While things are not perfect here, they’re a lot better than say, anywhere in the Middle East—pick a country.

And who are the oppressors, the focus of the SJWs rage? White males. Straight, white males are homophobic, racist, misogynistic, bigoted rapists who need to be de-balled. According to SJWs, western women live in a sort of patriarchal hell, in need of rescue from a sexist, rape culture.

So she doesn’t want a man to be sexually attracted to her? Then she’s lesbian.

In order to support these claims of rampant rape across America, SJWs define “rape” rather loosely. There’s Stare Rape. This is when a man stares at a woman against her will, roving his rapey eyeballs across her bosom and buttocks violating her. She’s wearing a clit-skimmer skirt with no panties, and a halter top with her boobs falling out, but a red-blooded, hetero male looking at her—he’s a skeezy perv.

Then there’s the hilarious Fart Rape.

The term Fart Rape was coined in 2013 by a lunatic Canadian SJW named Ashleigh Ingle. Fart Rape is when men express their dominance over women by farting loudly. The sound of gas blasting from a man’s ass creates an unsafe environment for women. It reinforces a woman’s submissiveness in a patriarchal society because women aren’t socially allowed to just let one rip. All this male passing of gas contributes to the oppression of women and the rape culture. There’s even a #fartrape hashtag. It’s a safe space for women to share their experiences being Fart Raped in public and “out” their rapist.

Note that Fart Rape is something only a privileged, entitled western woman could think up. Women in the Middle East and other places are too busy fighting off being actually raped to think about men farting.


These SJW are offended for Geisha everywhere

SJWs can always find something to be offended by. If they aren’t personally offended, they get offended on someone else’s behalf. It’s patronizing. It’s the SJWs telling a group they are victims—they just don’t know they should be offended—but they should be. The SJWs will be offended for them. They’re Victims-by-Proxy.

The photo is of SJWs protesting at a museum who was allowing patrons to try on a kimono. The SJWs claimed it was misappropriation of Japanese culture to allow visitors of any ethnicity to put on a kimono. But isn’t this having a multicultural experience? I thought we were supposed to embrace diversity and other cultures, not be hands-off with them. You can’t have it both ways.






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