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Why Liberals Are Hell Bent on Suicide - Staked in the Heart
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Why Liberals Are Hell Bent on Suicide

syrian refugees

Where are all the widows and orphans in this photo of refugees?

I read an article recently by a do-gooder in one of the Syrian refugee centers. She was “excited” to start “helping the refugees” and signed up to volunteer. Now she’s discovered instead of welcoming grateful families into her loving embrace, she’s fighting off nasty, violent, demanding men. These rapefugees sexually harass her and threaten to behead volunteers when they’re given the bad news they won’t be receiving a new car.

She’s ready to quit.

How can this young woman be so stupid she willingly put herself in a dangerous situation? Why, she’s been brainwashed by liberal platitudes that have infected the self-loathing Europeans and Americans.

Let’s examine what whopping lies these are:

“We’re all human beings.” – Culture, race, religion, experiences, even gender doesn’t matter to leftists because we’re all alike. When a Muslim beheads someone—rather than admit the act stems from a widely held, vile religious belief—liberals dismiss it as an anomaly. It can’t be because of Islam. Islam is like any other religion; Muslims are regular folk like us because we’re all human beings.

“No nations, no borders, no deportations.” –  Leftists don’t care about the results of the things they advocate. In addition to a host of other problems like cost, uncontrolled immigration brings with it fatal diseases that took decades to get under control and jihadists who can’t wait to strap on a suicide belt and head to the nearest mall.

“We’re all immigrants.” – Liberals have to allow all immigration as a way to show how unbigoted they are. Allowing in anyone—even if they are carrying the Zika virus that shrinks the heads of an infected woman’s unborn baby—proves how morally superior they are to the bigots, xenophobes and Islamophobes.

Islam pic2

You seriously think you have anything in common with these animals?

“It’s just cultural differences.” – Once immigrants are in their country, liberals have to show they are superior to them. They brush away appalling behavior with excuses. Liberals will say, “Oh, the poor dears, they just don’t know any better,” as migrants angrily defecate in pools, masturbate in hot tubs, and rape women like they did recently in a bath house in Germany.

“Violence never solved anything.” – Violence ended Nazism and saved the remainder of the Jews. Violence freed America from British rule, but liberals want no part it. They want to be the good guys. In the aftermath of the attack in Paris, liberals expressed concern—not for their own countrymen—but with the “alarming number of anti-Muslim tweets”.  So twisted are they in their desire to be perceived as civilized and superior, liberals will not only not retaliate when attacked, they will invite more sub-human filth into their country to prove just how good they are.


small world

This is a horror show

“They enrich our culture.”  –  Liberals love to pontificate about how racism and Islamophobia are wrong. They think it’s wrong to want to keep “others” away from you—it’s hateful, xenophobic—but it is human nature. Everything the left advocates is predicated upon the belief we can escape our very nature. We can’t. The more we try, the further into madness we descend.

“Race is a social construct.” – Leftists believe it’s possible to have a “It’s a small world” utopia where all races and cultures live harmoniously in peace because we’re all equal; we’re all just human beings. This isn’t realistic. You can say you don’t believe in us versus them, but “them” sure does.

In addition, there are actual races of humans. To claim there aren’t is just a lie. We are so genetically different forensic examiners can tell race by skeletal remains, like a piece of jaw bone. Scientists can determine the skin color of a person from a DNA sample left at a crime scene.

door knob

This item is a complete mystery to the refugees

“Multiculturalism is our strength.” – The pursuit of this infantile notion of utopia is going to tear Europe apart. Euros will grow weary of teaching “No means no” sexual harassment classes. They will tire of accommodating hateful, violent rapefugees who are so ignorant they can’t operate a flush toilet. They will cast out all the wonderful liberal values they hold so dear.

As their concern for these nasty migrants dissipates, they will become just as immoral as anyone who ever has lived. The only thing remaining will be their fight for their own survival.


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  1. ” You seriously think you have anything in common with these animals ” Please don’t insult the Animal Kingdom , these are a far lower form of life !! On a more serious note , you are the first woman I have seen / heard opposing these brain dead backward savages , I wonder why it’s mostly women that are lefties & pro immigration & why do the feminazi’s ONLY target white males ? More importantly , these fruit loops are being deliberately imported to bring down the West from within , the Zionist Mafia call the shots ( for now !! ) look at this picture of Obummer , Netanyahu’s body language speaks volumes , as he is the master here !! All our ” governments ” are Zionist bitches. https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpt1/v/t1.0-9/12642991_10207242437112523_2671639646693631840_n.jpg?oh=5dbd9fc638e1b4653a63d5f592ba66e9&oe=57446DD4


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