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Steven Avery’s Dumbass Supporters Have Some Explaining to Do

making a murdererAfter the airing of the documentary, “Making a Murderer” about the Teresa Halbach murder,  thousands of people signed petitions demanding Steven Avery, and his 16 yr old mentally deficient nephew, Brendan Dassey get a new trial. I’m giving these misguided people the benefit of the doubt and assuming they just didn’t know all the evidence. To be fair, the film was so biased in Avery’s favor—making it look like he was framed—it should be called a mockumentary.

Steven Avery is not someone who should be free in society.

If Avery is granted a new trial, he will be set free on bail, and women are going to die. If he were to be found not guilty at a new trial by some miscarriage of justice and released, women are going to die.

Everyone needs to stop this love fest for a twisted, rapist-murderer.

Steven Avery was wrongly convicted of rape in 1985 and spent 18 years in prison prior to being convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach. That he was wrongly convicted once, doesn’t mean it happened again. I’ve watched every news program about this case, watched the interrogations, and seen interviews with those closest to the case. Here are the main pieces of evidence that got Avery and his nephew, Dassey convicted:

  1. Avery has a history of violence against women. This from numerous police reports of DV and accounts of women he was involved with. He pulled a shotgun on his female cousin after ramming her car off the road. He was mad because she’d said something he didn’t like. His supporters claim the gun “wasn’t loaded”, as if that makes it somehow okay. (This is how he ended up in line-up for the 1985 rape case. He’d been arrested for attacking his cousin and while in it he got ID’d as a rapist.)
  2. Avery doused a cat with gas, him in a fire, then enjoyed watching the poor thing burn alive.
  3. Avery was wrongly convicted of rape and spent 18 years in prison. He told people he hated women because of this and felt they “owed” him.
  4. The last place Teresa was known to have been was Avery’s junk yard (and where he lived with members of his family) to photograph his sister-in-law’s van for AutoTrader magazine. She left a phone message to Steven asking him to call her about a time to come out. She was never seen again after she went there.
  5. Her cell phone LAST pinged at the cell tower closest to Avery’s property
  6. Despite claiming he never saw her, we know Avery spoke to Teresa because she was seen by a busload of children photographing the red van. (He had to point out to her which vehicle to take photos of, therefore he’s lying about not seeing her.)
  7. Her burned body, cell phone, camera, part of her jeans, and her RAV were found on Avery’s property.
  8. Her body and possessions were found in two separate places, a barrel and a burn pit.
  9. Burned tires matching those on Avery’s property were intertwined with Teresa’s body indicating the body had been burned there.
  10. Family testified to seeing Avery sitting at the fire pit that night stoking the fires that were burning Teresa’s body.
  11. Her DNA is on a bullet found in the garage. It came from Avery’s gun. There is a bullet hole in her skull.
  12. Her RAV key was found in Avery’s bedroom with her DNA on it.
  13. Teresa’s blood and Avery’s blood were mixed in her RAV.
  14. Avery’s blood is not mixed with EDTA so it didn’t come from the vial of his blood kept in police storage from the rape case back in 1985. The FBI ran this test at the insistence of the defense.
  15. Avery’s sweat is found under the hood of her RAV from where he disconnected her battery.
  16. Avery had a fresh, deep cut on his finger that would explain his blood in her RAV. It’s on his right hand. In the RAV you can see a swipe of his blood to the right of the steering wheel on the dashboard, right where it would be if he bumped it. His blood is found in six separate locations.
  17. In a four hour confession, 15-year-old Brendan Dassey described the murder scene with Avery directing him to rape and stab Teresa while she screamed and begged for her life. His description is graphic, including how they moved her with her arms and legs tied from the bedroom into the garage to finish her off. He also describes taking Teresa’s body to the van and then removing it because they didn’t know what to do with her.
  18. brendan

    Brendan Dassy

    Brendan’s confession matches the forensic evidence exactly.

  19. There are several separate interviews with Dassey. In the most vital one mentioned in #15 above,  he is not being led, does not appear forced. He hangs his head and talks. It’s clear he’s deeply ashamed. Is he without a lawyer during the interrogation? Yes, but his mother gave her permission. It’s not illegal for police to question you without a lawyer. As long as the parents give permission, it’s legal for police to question a minor.
  20. Teresa had been out to the property before and Avery had a thing for her. Brendan admitted he and Avery planned the murder of Teresa for several days prior.
  21. Brendan says he and Avery cleaned up the crime scene in the garage with bleach.
  22. Brendan’s own mother testified that his pants that day had bleach stains on them.
  23. Brendan’s confession wasn’t used at trial against Steven Avery for those of you who discount it as “coerced”.
  24. Brendan later recants his confession claiming he got the murder scene description from the book “Kiss the Girls”. He’s lying. The scene he described is not in there. By deductive reasoning, that means he got the murder scene from actually being there. Otherwise, he would have named the book/movie he did get it from.
  25. Since they had days to plan the murder, the lack of blood at the scene just means they were prepared with bleach and tarps.
  26. Avery Former fiancée Jodi Stachowski, featured in the documentary, recently called Avery “a monster” and claimed she didn’t say anything bad about him in the film because she was afraid he would kill her. She said Avery had tied her to the bed exactly as Brendan described him doing to Teresa. She believes Avery is guilty.

This is a mountain of evidence, and I’m sure I missed something.

There is zero evidence that points to anyone but Steve Avery.

In order to think Avery is wrongly convicted because of police misconduct,  you’d have to be able to answer some preposterous questions:

  • Where did police get Teresa’s body to plant on Avery’s property?
  • Did police stumble upon Teresa dead somewhere and decide, “Oh, great, we’ve got a dead woman here, let’s use her to frame Steve Avery”?
  • Or did police murder Teresa? Then plant her?
  • But where did they kill her? Her cell phone last pinged at the Averys, how did they make that happen? Since she was never seen again after going to the Averys, how did the police kill her there?
  • Where did police burn her body?
  • Did they burn her body on the Avery property, and the Averys didn’t notice police standing around a blazing fire with a body in it, and burning stuff in a barrel?
  • So police burned her body somewhere else, like with the help of a funeral director. Then they took her ashes and bone bits and scattered them all over the Avery property—and didn’t lose one of her 270 bones—and no one from the Avery family noticed police dumping ashes all over? Keep in mind they all live on the property in trailers close to each other.
  • How did police get her RAV on Avery’s property with both her blood and Avery’s in it—and no one noticed it being driven there parked and covered up with junk?
  • How did police manage to get her DNA on a bullet that happened to come from Avery’s gun, and it matched the bullet hole in her skull?
  • Did anyone in law enforcement confess to planting evidence?
  • Is there any evidence the police planted evidence?
Steve Avery

Yeah, he looks like an innocent man wrongly convicted of the torture, rape and murder of a young woman, doesn’t he?

Teresa Halbach

Teresa next to her RAV

The filmmakers, Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi behaved irresponsibly in creating this piece of utter garbage. Somewhere lost in all this nauseating support for a scumbag murderer is his victim. Let’s not forget a 25 yr old woman is dead, who by all accounts was a nice, decent person. Teresa Halbach deserves better than this.

UPDATE 1/18/16:  Avery’s new attorney, Kathleen Zellner has filed a petition to release Avery from prison while awaiting his appeal. So when he gets out and kills again, Zellner needs to go to prison with him.

UPDATE 11/16/16: Brendan Dassey has been ordered released from prison as his conviction was overturned due to his being a minor and not having an attorney present during questioning, but a judge overruled the release. Brendan is still in the slammer.  Thank god. Otherwise, how knows how many young women he would rape and murder.







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