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The TPP Is a Shit Deal We Narrowly Avoided - Staked in the Heart
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The TPP Is a Shit Deal We Narrowly Avoided

Yeah, she looks like someone you could trust

Your first clue something is wrong with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is that Hillary Clinton once hailed it as a “gold standard” for global treaties. Hillary’s special interest groups and corporate masters have such a tight leash on their wonky-eyed lackey she only supports things they can profit from.

Hillary is so corrupt and such a sell out, that a litmus test on whether something is beneficial for the U.S. or not is to simply look at Hillary’s position. If she’s for it—it’s not good for America—but it will benefit some other group, entity or nation who’s funding her.

The TPP is a bad deal for us. Created in secret by corporate lawyers, it is a convoluted 5,000+ page, overly lengthy—no doubt designed that way so as to thwart any rational person from attempting to read it—trade agreement between 11 nations and America. It covers a wide range of issues from tariffs and copyrights, to lengthening the time drugs can be declared generic, to the U.S. having to pay for workshops for Vietnamese fishermen.  (Although it’s curiously vague about what exactly these workshops were meant to teach the fishermen, and how much we were going to shell out for this mysterious training.)

The TPP is too complicated to go into all the details here, so I’ll focus on a couple of the worst key parts.

At its core, the TPP isn’t so much about “free” trade as it is about shifting power and money away from the U.S. (and other nations) to foreign, multinational corporations. The TPP is a  money-power grab disguised as a trade agreement and it undermines our democracy.

Here’s how this money grab works: If enacted, the TPP would enable corporations to sue the U.S  in a private court when they feel our laws, environmental regulations, or other government actions have violated their “rights” to sell us their junk.

International businesses can sue us for not allowing them to ship us their crap products that don’t meet our high standards for quality and safety.

Foreign corporations can sue us if we don’t allow them to ship/sell us their tainted or dangerously made product, no matter what it is, could be mercury laden fish, pot metal auto parts, toxic dry wall, etc.

Additionally, the TPP stops the labeling of origin on foods because foreign corporations know that Americans would reject berries grown, say, in the highly polluted Chinese Shandong province. Some of the plump, fecal-filled berries grown there ended up in Australia in 2015 and made people sick with Hepatitis.

These private courts are known as Investor-State Dispute Settlement or ISDS. They are already being used to greedily grab money in other countries. Buried in multinational treaties or investment treaties, the ISDS grants the foreign investor (or corporation) the right to sue a country, but the country can’t sue the investors. The court is private, not accountable, not transparent, and there’s no appeal. The best case scenario for a country is a dismissal.

A group of lawyers, appointed by the corporations, serve as judges in the ISDS and rule on the cases. These judges can force countries to pay unlimited sums. They can decide that America needs to pay billions of dollars in compensation to a foreign corporation for potential “lost profits” if any of our laws interfere in their ability to ship/sell us said crap product. (Oh, and American companies can also sue us by using their foreign subsidiaries as a cover.)

A Chinese man wades through raw sewage in the Shandong province picking berries. Raspberry anyone?

This private court is also a way to circumvent our food and other product safety laws, stripping away our consumer protection. And there is no winning in this court—even if the judges decided in our favor—we taxpayers would have to fork over $8 million in court costs for each case. Even if we win, we lose.

TPP gives this biased, private court comprised of lawyers with loyalty to Big Pharma, AgroCon or whoever pays them, power over our laws, our President and congress. In effect, by signing the TPP we would be handing over our national sovereignty to multinational corporations.


America would be under the control of an international group of corporate lackeys we didn’t elect.

That’s not democracy.


This is one step closer to replacing nation states with a corporation acting as world government.

I used to think The New World Order was a flakey conspiracy.

Now I see there are serious attempts being made to implement it under our noses, like by the founder of the Bilderberg Group, the corpse-like David Rockefeller.

Hillary fakes surprise at learning Justin won’t be able to use the word “tequila” to describe his tequila

Another sketchy thing about the TPP is that it’s filled with odd side deals. One agreement was to allow Mexico to trademark the words “tequila” and “mezcal”. With this trademark, Mexico could stop any other makers of tequila from using the word that describes their product, or Mexico could demand a fee.

I wonder what Justin Timberlake, who owns the tequila brand 901, would think if he knew his BFF, Hillary, was in favor of selling him out to Mexico. When Hillary created the slogan, “We’re Stronger Together” she meant her and her multinational corporate masters, not Americans and her.



We owe President Trump a debt of gratitude for putting the final nail in the coffin of this literally shit deal. ‘Cause if Hillary were president, it would be a done deal.

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