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Do Men Have a Right To Be Angry With Women?

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There’s a growing Men’s Right movement in America. A lot of men are angry over what they view as the misandry in our society.

Their issue:  feminism is screwing men over.

They have a point.

Feminists demanding equality—which sounded like a good idea—caused a cultural revolution that changed the roles of men and women.

Unfortunately, feminism has made it so women are not treated as equals. Women are now superior to men, treated with privilege.

Paradoxically, in the feminist world women can supposedly do anything a man can, yet they sure need lots of help doing it. Standards were lowered so women can qualify for all types of jobs ranging from firefighter to fighter pilot. Women get a pass now when it comes to all sorts of things.

Men, on the other hand, are viewed as aggressive, harassing, potential rapists, who can’t possibly be trusted to parent children.

1) The feminist view on domestic violence is that women are blameless victims of brutal men. (I  blogged about this here.)

2)  To the feminists, when a woman dresses in a mini-skirt with clear heels, gets drunk and ends up raped, it isn’t her fault. However, women should act responsibly and not put themselves in compromising situations. Should women be able to stumble around drunk with the expectation of not getting raped? Sure, in a perfect world.

[For clarification, I am not condoning rape or saying women deserve to be raped if they dress a certain way. I am advocating taking responsibility for one’s own safety.]

3) In order to get custody of his children, a man has the burden of both proving the mother is “unfit” and proving he is worthy. All she has to do is show up to court. Her worthiness as a good mother is assumed. The default assumption for the man is that he is unfit to parent his own children.

But then our society has always screwed men over.

Traditionally, men have been viewed as expendable, their efforts and lives taken for granted. Years ago, if people were killed in an accident, the media used the phrase “innocent women and children” to report the deaths, as if the men who died were of no consequence.

These are goat heads on a dinner table

The military has been predominately male and soldiers are seen as cannon fodder. They have no value; their lives are viewed as meaningless. For years men were conscribed to go to godforsaken places and die for some political agenda. This attitude prevails today. Our soldiers can die building some road in Afghanistan for a bunch of ignorant, goats-head-eating desert dwellers and that’s viewed as a perfectly acceptable trade-off.



When was the last time you saw a female garbage collector or coal miner?

Feminism is supposedly about equality and this notion that women can do anything men can, but wait….men are the ones working at unpleasant and dangerous tasks, such as high voltage wire work, logging, garbage collection, building steel frameworks for skyscrapers, coal mining. Why don’t women work at these types of jobs? Because they don’t have to.

Oh, I’m sure there are two or three women out there doing these jobs.

A woman has many work options and all are respectable:

1) She can work full-time

2) She can work part-time

3) She can be a stay-at-home mom

4) She can be a welfare Queen

The respectable options for a man:

1) He has to work full-time

Maureen Dowd looking pleased with herself ’cause she doesn’t need a man. She’s going to jump on that oil rig in the sweltering Texas sun and get her own oil for her Mercedes SLR.

In 2006, feminist Maureen Dowd wrote a book called Are Men Necessary?

“There’s….evidence the Y chromosome will go out of business…,” Dowd said on American Morning. “So now that women don’t need men to reproduce and refinance, the question is, will we keep you around?”

My questions for Maureen are: Do you even change your own tires? Who do you think engineers, builds and maintains our infrastructure, our entire way of life? Who is going to run into the burning buildings to save all those innocent women and children? Uhm, yeah, that would be men. 

Can you imagine the outrage if a man wrote a book called Are Women Necessary? And then was quoted saying, “With the advent of robots and artificial wombs, the XX chromosome will go out of business. So now that men don’t need women to clean, cook and have sex with, the question is will we keep them around?” The author would have to go into hiding.

And if all that weren’t enough to garner men’s ire, there’s the feminist leader’s statements:

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” — Gloria Steinem

This is Andrea Dworkin. She had a poster up in her apartment that said, “DEAD MEN DON’T RAPE”

“Seduction is often difficult to distinguish from rape. In seduction, the rapist often bothers to buy a bottle of wine.”  — Andrea Dworkin, Leader of the Women’s Movement Against Pornography

“To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo.”  — Valerie Solano, Society for Cutting Up Men (SCUM) Manifesto.

A lot of feminists focus on rape, as if all men are drooling beasts ready to pounce and rip our panties off. Newsflash ladies:  Men don’t want to have sex with us that badly. 

Taking all this into consideration, I’m surprised men aren’t angrier.

For a the discussion on how men do all the dirty, dangerous jobs go here.



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