Not A Safe Space


WARNING: You are entering an unsafe space.

The Ugly Truth is revealed here.

You may get triggered.

There are no crayons and teddy bears.

Welcome to my website where I drive a stake through the heart of political correctness, modern liberal dogma and social justice activism.

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  1. Good sight! I like it and I hope you keep up the good work. If you have the time, I hope you will check out my site: Ambrose Kane: Hard Truth in Plain Language (


  2. Nice to meet you , & discover a brilliantly written blog. We are on the same page in most respects politically especially. I’m a former British Army soldier ( medic ) with a no nonsense attitude , also a single father to a 12 yr old boy & a 9yr little lady , whilst working FT too & running small online ventures , so no dating for me….I can’t really be bothered anyway , too tired most of time. I’m not surprised you get flamed , women especially are used to ” candy coating ” . A salute from a caustic Brit !!

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