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Welcome to Staked in the Heart, a politically incorrect zone where there is no bullshit and we practice Freedom Of Speech.

There is too much liberal bias in the MSM and on the internet. Most articles on the internet are written with a liberal slant and they censor comments they don’t agree with. Liberals are trying to control the narrative through blatant lies, lies of omission, or by silencing people from speaking the truth or from expressing their opposing opinion.

We need more people representing an unbiased perspective. I am neither conservative nor liberal. I am pro-choice, pro-gun rights, pro-gay rights, anti-illegal immigration and a PETA member. I used to be liberal before they lost their cotton-pickin’ minds.

I blog about a variety of subjects. No subject is off-limits, no ideology is sacred, no celebrity is safe. I can’t stand hypocrisy and political correctness.

You can rely on me to get the gist about the important issues you don’t either have the time to study or don’t want to bother with. I will give you the Cliff Notes for things like the Quran, the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, or what the actual stats are for women in the workplace, etc.

Even though I have liberal leanings I wrote about how Liberals are the New Nazis, and Men are Fart Raping Women.

I read some of the 5,000 pages of the Trans-Pacific-Partnership to discover what a  horrible deal for America that was. See my post on here: The TPP is a Shit Deal We Narrowly Avoided.

We have often had heated debates at Staked. One of the most contentious debates occurred from my post: “He Doesn’t Want to be Your Effing Friend”.

The other most controversial blog post, that angers feminists in particular, is: “Do Any Women Work At the Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous Jobs that Men Do?”

I’m a married woman who lives in America.

Thank you for checking out my blog.





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