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I Totally Love This Amazing Sweater I Got For My Cat!

Disclaimer: This is a professionally trained cat model

Disclaimer: This is a professionally trained cat model

I got this amazing hand knit sweater for my cat (actual sweater seen on the left). My cat is really old, almost 20, and has lost a lot of meat on his bones. I acquired him after he started living in the bushes in my front yard. At this stage of his life, he’s all gristle and grease, with crinkled down ears. (He won’t self-groom.)

He gets cold in the winter especially with our cement floors. I would get sweaters and hoodies for the small dogs I rescued, but I never thought about it for my cats. These sweaters would be great for small dogs as well. (And by the way, Chihuahuas usually stop shaking when you put clothes on them.)

This 100% wool sweater was handmade in Latvia by TrendyKitty. It is extremely well made, the colors go together, it has a real turtleneck. and it looks classy. Plus, it makes my cat feel special knowing he’s wearing imported from Europe fashions.

Here's another TrendyKitty sweater

Here’s another gorgeous TrendyKitty sweater


The bad news is that sometimes when you put sweaters on your cat, there will be a problem. He or she will simply fall over on his/her side and refuse to budge. If you prop him up, he will just fall over again. Sadly, there is nothing you can do. You can keep trying to force your cat to wear the sweater, but cats can be very stubborn.




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