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“Hi, My Name Is Yunior Corbalan. I Beat Women”

“I beat women”

Meet Yunior Corbalan (actual name). He smacks women around.

Yunior is the latest boyfriend of one my long-time girlfriends. He snuck over on a banana boat from Cuba, apparently to beat our women.

About a year ago, my friend met Yunior and quickly let him move into her house—which wasn’t wise because she didn’t  know him very well.  She bought him a car, helped him find a job, and basically supported him, while he stayed at her home, cooked and cleaned the cats’ box.

The thanks she got for all her kindness was to be verbally abused, physically assaulted, and to have her expensive things broken in his fits of rage, like her laptop and cell phone.

Did she file a restraining order against him? No.

Did she report being assaulted and having her property destroyed to police? Oh, hell no.

What did she do? She broke up with him for a mili-second, and got right back together with him.

You can see the cutsie pics of them cuddling on her Facebook page, cause that’s the place you pretend everything is fine with your abusive man who smacks the shit out of you.

Here’s what I don’t get about women:  If a strange man followed her into her home, destroyed expensive items, screamed insults, physically assaulted her, grabbed her phone when she tried to dial 911 and smashed it into the wall, she wouldn’t hesitate to call police. There are no circumstances under which she wouldn’t call the police on this scary intruder.

Don’t be fooled by the smile. This guy thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to hit women

So, why is it okay (in the woman’s mind)  for her boyfriend to do these things? And she’ll make excuses for him even. My friend’s excuse for Yunior was that he was “aggressive” because he was “on medication” for his back. Would she make those same allowances for a strange intruder? No, of course, not. That’s would be insane.

Here’s another unfortunate side effect of domestic violence:

You, as the friend/family of the battered woman, are put in an adversarial position against her as she defends him. Somehow, your wanting her to break up with him or get a restraining order makes you the a**hole in the situation, but no matter what he does or says he’s never the a**hole.

Currently, my girlfriend is mad at me for wanting Yunior to be held accountable for what he’s done to her. I’ve been there for her for 20 years, including sending her food when she was broke. But, she’s not speaking to me, and unfriended me on Facebook. Of course, he’s still a Facebook friend. He can curse her out, beat her up, break her stuff and that’s okay. But, if I suggest he be held responsible for his bad behavior towards her, I’m out.

This is a man who solves problems with a woman by resorting to violence

That’s the weird twisted thinking these abused women get. It’s like they’re living in warped Domestic Violence Oz Land, where common sense doesn’t exist.

So, why did I create this page? To send a message to Yunior. I want him to know that he can’t just smack around one of the kindest, most thoughtful women on the planet and get away with it. There will be consequences.

Recently, I blogged about domestic violence, because so many of my gfs have had abusive relationships, that they chose to be in. 

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