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A Whole Lot of Crazy Goin' On: John Edwards and Rielle Hunter - Staked in the Heart
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A Whole Lot of Crazy Goin’ On: John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

“Oh my Gawd, it’s The National Enquirer!”

I read Rielle Hunter’s book What Really Happened. It should have been titled What Just Happened?

It’s ironic that Rielle, who identifies herself as a “spirtual truth seeker” is involved with the biggest lyin’ ass. Ever.

Presidential wanna-be John Edwards takes lying to a whole new level. We should all be ashamed looking back over the paltry lies we’ve told over the years, and bow down to The Master.

He’s such a liar, his lies aren’t even plausible.  He would gush about his late wife, Elizabeth, describing her as “magnificent,” the “greatest woman” he’s ever known. It’s so obvious he was up to something. What husband talks about his wife like that??

Edwards won Father of the Year in 2007, and was practically impregnating Rielle during his acceptance speech. (Their daughter, Quinn, was born 9 mos later.)

“That baby isn’t mine. The timing is wrong, my penis wasn’t in Rielle at that time. And I’m pretty sure I would know where my penis was. It was in my incredible wife.”

But then, Elizabeth wasn’t exactly the perfect wife. Edwards was so whipped by the vicious controlling Elizabeth that he didn’t have an ATM card because she didn’t think he could be trusted to even buy a frickin’ sandwich. He had to hand over his cell phones so she could check them. He seemed to live in terror of her.

The book reveals that Elizabeth would dominate him with rage fests that would last for hours, screaming and slapping. If a man had treated a woman like that, he would have been labeled an abusive ass, yet Elizabeth gets labeled a saint.

Saint Elizabeth listens to one of her dirtbag hubby’s speeches and plots how to get her next revenge on him









Reille claims that at the heart of this chocolate mess menage is a true “love story” between her and John.

But let’s review how loving Edwards has been towards Rielle:

  • Like a little bitch, Edwards broke up with Rielle when his wife found out, but later begged her back
  • Edwards wasn’t with Rielle at the OB/GYN getting confirmation of her pregnancy because he was on vacay with his wife
  • Weeks after Edwards found out Rielle was preggers, Edwards renewed his martial vows with Elizabeth and People magazine covered it
  • He boasted about Elizabeth on TV, calling her “sexy,” his “moral leader” and “the love of my life”
  • Edwards called Rielle a “crazy slut” to aides, and a “one-time mistake” to the world
  • Edwards tried to get aide, Andrew Young, to talk Rielle into an abortion
  • He screamed in fury at Rielle for allowing herself to be ambushed by The National Enquirer
  • Edwards bald-faced lied, claiming Rielle’s baby wasn’t his, and that he had “no idea” whose it was
  • He convinced Andrew to lie and claim Rielle’s baby was his
  • Edwards wasn’t in the delivery room with Rielle when Quinn was born
  • He publicly acknowledged Quinn for the first time last month (she’s four)
  • A few days ago, Edwards publicly appeared with both Rielle and Quinn for the first time

That’s why I call Rielle nuts. It’s not for all her crystal healing, new age nonsense. It’s because—for years–Rielle has put up with this lying ass married man who has treated her like dog dirt.

This is what she thinks has been an “indescribable” great romance? This is earth-shattering “intensity-like-a-rock-concert” love that can’t be denied? Her standards are pathetically low.

Elizabeth and John Edwards had one of those sacred heterosexual marriages that must be protected from being tainted by gay marriage. Give me a break.

RATING:  5 stars. This book was a highly entertaining read.


John Edwards looks insanely giddy at Elizabeth Edwards’ Funeral

John and Elizabeth fake their marriage at yet another public event













UPDATE:  Rielle Hunter announced on Good Morning America that she and John Edwards are officially over. She must have read this.

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5 Responses »

  1. This entire clusterfuck can be summed up by one forceful facepalm.

  2. Well,it’s never gonna be a time where women don’t bash married men for infidelity.

    • I’m not bashing him for infidelity as much as the lying. And I flip grief to Elizabeth for her bad behavior.

      I don’t care if men/women cheat, I’ve said this before, but they need to own up to it.

  3. Say hello to male bashment lol.

  4. Yeah, I’m feeling the sanctity of their marriage all the way at my house….

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