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He Doesn’t Want to be Your Effing Friend!!

Even this nice young man just wants to bone this nice young woman

Ladies, here’s the deal with the “friend” thing. Guys, no matter their age, don’t need or want friends who are females. They have their guy friends to hang out with, play sports, go to games. And guys prefer their guy friends for most activities.

It can happen, where you have a genuine male friend (with no benefits), but when he gets a real girlfriend or wife, you’re history. Unless you become his mistress.

Men primarily want women for one thing, and one thing only: SEX.

Oh sure, men want female companionship sometimes, but any personal relationship a man has with a woman is incidental to his primary desire to have sex with her.


This is what he’s really thinking

In other words, if it weren’t for our vaginas, men would have nothing to do with us.

You know when that guy from your past—that you didn’t have sex with back then—emails out of the blue asking how you are doing? He doesn’t care how you are doing. He isn’t getting in touch so you two can swap Martha Stewart recipes for homemade marshmallows. He putting out feelers to find out what his chances are of boning you now.

And to that email guy, and to every other male you’ve ever encountered you didn’t sleep with:  you’re just a woman they haven’t boned yet.

So here’s the deal. When a man says he wants to be “friends” with you, it can mean ONLY one of two things:

He’s letting you down gently ’cause he’s not interested in you (sexually).

-Or he’s pretending to be your friend, but has ulterior motives. He will act all casual, all strictly clean and “friend-like,” but he’s using the “friendship” to put you off guard, to worm his way into your inner circle and get close enough to—bang you.

Let me repeat this: That dude you’re emailing/texting/whatevering just wants to sleep with you. That’s it. He doesn’t want to go shopping, go to a sporting event, watch a movie, meet your family, or eat with you. He’s only going through all that bullshit so he can eventually……what?

That’s right, bang you.

See video example of what I’m saying here:




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