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Why Women Would Rather Be With Tommy Lee Than You

It isn’t just that he’s a rocker and famous, Tommy Lee would
probably get all the babes without those things. But how?

‘Cause he’s not a dork.

(Not that you, dear reader, are a dork. This advice is for the other readers.)

Tommy Lee is a bad boy. He’s not a “nice guy”. Oh sure, he may be nice, but he’s not the nice guy type that women auto dump into the dreaded Friend Zone.

Women like bad boys. It’s not because bad boys treat them badly. It’s because they are confident. They aren’t socially awkward. They aren’t twitching nervously as they clutch their toy light saber to their bosom. They’ve got game. They know how to act with a woman, how to talk to her.

Women don’t go for “nice guys” because they tend to be insecure, come across as needy, and are socially awkward. This social awkwardness causes nice guys to say, and do things that are a real turn off.

Case in point: this nice guy couldn’t be screaming any louder:  “I’M NOT SURE I KNOW WHAT A VAGINA IS, LET ALONE WHERE ONE WOULD BE LOCATED.” (Now if it’s Halloween, we’ll give him a pass, but it probably isn’t. It’s what he’s wearing to the next Star Wars Dork Convention.)

Now let’s do a comparison, shall we? Contrast these next two photos:

Tommy Lee on a Harley–HOT

You on a Segway–NOT

Are you seeing what I mean?

Not being perceived as a “nice guy” means feeling secure about yourself, and behaving in a more adult, socially appropriate manner. It’s not that you can’t be a kid at heart and play around, that’s actually sexy. It’s knowing the difference between playfully splashing her in the pool with water, and forcing her to look at all the stamps you’ve collected since you were nine.

In other words, if you want to be able to put your hands on a babe, you need to first take them off your X-men action figurines.

I have more advice on this subject, but I just got a Rott puppy so I will have to continue this later…..

NOTE:  This is tongue and cheek, satire, not really serious.

I have no interest in Tommy Lee.


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