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Funniest Comedy Routine of All Time – NSFW

2019-06-29 • Humor

I love a good controversial stand-up routine that pushes boundaries, isn’t PC, and makes me laugh my ass off. I’m a huge fan of Sam Kinison, love Lisa Lampanelli, who is filthy, and loved the old SNL back when it was actually funny. Most “comedians” now just aren’t funny, like Amy Schumer or Jimmy Kimmel. Yawn…. Read More ›

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We Just Need a Sperm Bank on Every Corner


I stumbled across a blog from a single, middle-aged woman looking for love and was struck by the lengthy “non-negotiable list” of demands her next non-existent man was going to have to meet. She had bad relationships in the past, and she wasn’t going to “settle” for anything less than everything she wanted. She went into great detail—as… Read More ›

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12 Reasons Why Communism Sucks Ass


Kelly Oakes, a liberal Brit who no doubt views Trump as an authoritarian fascist, had this to say on Twitter: “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS FULL COMMUNISM NOW!” Which is a strange thing to write since there is no point in wanting anything under authoritarian communism because she wouldn’t be able to personally own it. The state owns everything…. Read More ›

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45+ People Who Have Treated Their Cancer with Cannabis Oil


There are a lot of people online sharing how cannabis oil aka “Rick Simpson Oil” (RSO) saved their lives from terminal cancer. This webpage is designed to collect links to real patients’ stories. Do not confuse this concentrated cannabis oil with hemp oil, hemp seed oil, hash oil, oil for vaping or CBD oil with less than… Read More ›

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Pickup Artist “Mystery” Makes Complete Ass of Himself Trying Desperately to Get Laid


Remember “Mystery”, the pickup artist in the guy liner and swim goggles who had a TV show where he taught awkward dudes how to pick up women? He developed a system to pick up chicks called The Mystery Method. On the tv show he had his faithful wingman, “Matador” by his side to help out…. Read More ›

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If You Find Yourself Being Smacked Around, It Is Your Own Fault


Dr. Phil is on a mission to keep women from being battered. His slogan is “End the Silence On Domestic Violence.” But I recently watched him counsel a woman whose boyfriend punched, choked, and kicked her. Dr. Phil told her she wasn’t to be blamed for the violence, nothing she said or did was wrong…. Read More ›

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