The Coolest Homemade Zombie Costumes

Who can forget the delightful Half Woman in the grass?

If you’re a horror fan or a zombie fan and you haven’t been watching The Walking Dead, you have been missing out. This is a tv series about a group of people left alive when the rest of the world has gone zombie. There are twists, surprises, plenty of gore, and you never know who’s going to get eaten next. The special effects zombie make-up is amazing, and the show makes you think about what you would do if you were in a situation like that.

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The universal symbol for RUN!

I was looking for Halloween costume ideas and discovered these zombie costumes. There are some really creative people out there—I’m just not one of them.

Baby Zombie

Dismembered hands are often just tossed away and never used, but they can make great finger foods for zombie infants and toddlers.










Zombie Librarian
Isn’t motherhood beautiful?
She can easily hide those inconvenient rotting holes by wearing a one-piece with swim skirt
Victoria’s Secret, eat your heart out
Even when you’re the undead, it’s important that your hair be well groomed
Nothing a little foundation can’t cover up
This is the result of working at a McDonald’s
This is the result of eating McDonald’s “food”
The couple that eats brains together, stays together
This is what’s going to happen to Lori on The Walking Dead

Make your own IWound using your Ipad or a cell phone:


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