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Woman Getting Bad Text Message

You’ve Been Unceremoniously Dumped. Should You Go Psycho?

You’ve been seeing each other for a few months, maybe years. You’re in a committed relationship and you think things are going great. You receive a text from him, “I’ve met someone else. I want to get my things out of your place asap.” WHAT?! He’s met someone else?? It’s over?! How can that be?… Read More ›

Even this nice young man just wants to bone this nice young woman

He Doesn’t Want to be Your Effing Friend!!

Here’s the deal with the “friend” thing. Guys, no matter their age, don’t need or want friends who are females. They have their guy friends to hang out with, play sports, watch the game. And guys prefer their guy friends for most activities. It can happen, where you have a genuine male friend (with no… Read More ›

But There are So Many of You!

Other bloggers have said they wouldn’t mind having an after-date survey to find out why they didn’t get asked out again. This reminded me of the one date where I would have liked to have had him fill out a survey to find out what happened. I was set up on a blind date, that was also a… Read More ›