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Ladies, Stop Being So Desperate for Anything With a Pulse and a Penis

While I was having my millionth conversation with my girlfriend about her boyfriend problems, it occurred to me how desperate women are to be with a man—so pathetically needy they will tolerate anything. My girlfriend’s supposed man is right now on a month long cruise with another woman. That’s right. Her man, who pledged to her on… Read More ›

lily pad

Men Are Like Frogs in a Lily Pad Pond Jumping From Leaf To Leaf

In my last blog post, He Would Rather Munch on Shards of Broken Glass Then Tell You It’s Over, I discussed how men don’t like to say the words, “It’s over” to a woman. They don’t want the hassle of a hysterical, tear drenched scene punctuated by pleading. So, in order to avoid this unpleasant drama, they get cold… Read More ›

Couple Fighting

He Would Rather Munch Shards Of Broken Glass Then Tell You It’s Over

Guys are very bad when it comes to communicating verbally that it’s over. You could be with him for years, and have 10 kids with him. It doesn’t matter. He will eat shards of broken glass before he will say to your face: “I don’t want to be with you any more.” It’s because guys can’t stand a woman’s anger… Read More ›

Paula Broadwell and General Petraeus look like they're married

The Wacky Petraeus Love Pentagon Explained

There are so many players in the unfolding soap opera of the General Petraeus sex scandal that I decided to straighten them out. It’s confusing trying to keep track of who was sending what threatening and/or lurid email to whom. It all started when General Petraeus had an affair with the biographer of his book… Read More ›


A Whole Lot of Crazy Goin’ On: John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

I read Rielle Hunter’s book What Really Happened. It should have been titled What Just Happened? It’s ironic that Rielle, who identifies herself as a “spirtual truth seeker” is involved with the biggest lyin’ ass. Ever. Presidential wanna-be John Edwards takes lying to a whole new level. We should all be ashamed looking back over the paltry… Read More ›


Screw Trust. You Need to be Watching Your Man Like a Hawk

Some bloggers responded to my post “He Doesn’t Want to be Your Effing Friend!!” with statements about how you just need to trust your partner. Wrong. We’re always told in order to have a healthy relationship you must trust your partner. It would be great to trust your partner—whether it’s a man or woman. The fact is, you shouldn’t. Trust… Read More ›


Ten Dirty Little Secrets She’s Not Telling You

After reading some male blogger’s thoughts about how deceitful women are, I decided to respond to their claims. They are right. Women, in general, do hide the truth from men. It’s because if men knew the truth, they would be afraid. Very afraid. Here are some painful secrets you don’t know: 1.  She tells her girlfriends everything, including what… Read More ›