He Would Rather Eat Broken Glass Than Tell You It’s Over

Guys are very bad when it comes to communicating verbally that it’s over. You could be with him for years, and have 10 kids with him. It doesn’t matter.

He will do almost anything to avoid having to say the words to your face, I don’t want to be with you any more.”

It’s because guys can’t stand a woman’s anger or tears. So…in order to avoid this unpleasantness, a man will try to get his woman to break up with him first.

Problem is, this method of ending a relationship doesn’t work neatly. It only creates total miscommunication, confusion and needless drama. The guy thinks he’s sending a clear message that he’s finished with the relationship through his actions. But, the woman thinks—since he hasn’t said anything—and he’s acting so differently, that must be depressed, or going through a rough patch in his life. She thinks he needs more of her love and understanding.

The man gets frustrated the woman isn’t taking the hint, and becomes a Super A**shole. He will say mean things and do mean things. Or he won’t say anything and be coldly silent all the time. He will do whatever it takes to get the No-Longer-Wanted Irritation (her) out of his life.

Most girls/women not only don’t “get” his message, but they can also get caught up in the idea they have invested so much into the relationship they don’t want to give up—no matter how badly he acts. They will keep hanging in there to basically be abused.

Important Relationship Tip for the Guys:  Man up. Tell her verbally it’s over. Don’t equivocate, candy-coat or minimize it. Don’t use words like “yet” and “maybe.” Don’t give her any hope. Just say, “I AM DONE WITH THIS RELATIONSHIP. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO FIX IT. I’M OUTTA HERE!”

Then leave—and stay gone.

(Enhanced reblog from March 26, 2012)