Too Much Cutsie Couple Closeness Kills

I realize a lot of women like to be joined-at-the-hip with their man. They want to be right there with him every waking moment. When separated, they will text him hundreds of times a day. This is not healthy.

Case in point:  Christie and Ian. 

They were husband and wife who were members of a cult run by this guy, Michael Roach.
Michael is a Buddhist monk who split from mainstream Buddhism.
According to former followers, some of his initiation rituals
involved “kissing and genital touching.” Well, duh.
Michael upset even the Dalai Lama by insisting on having hair and sex.
(What good is being “the cult leader” if you can’t bang your acolytes?)

And what is it with people nutjobs who have to be “enlightened” by some smarmy carnie worker-type anyway? You have to turn to some con man to “show you the way”? How about you find “the way” by yourself?

The cult part wasn’t the oddest thing about “Lama Christie” and her “Holy Husband” Ian.  Like conjoined twins, they were never apart. They shared everything. They ate from the same plate, and read the same book at the same time. Which meant turning the pages in unison so they were literally reading the same page.

They practiced partners yoga together, making a video to teach other couples called “Two As One.” They said in a tv interview that doing yoga without each other was “lonely.”

This is just wrong on so many levels
(paid models)

So Christie and Ian decide to go on a Buddhist quest in rural Arizona to “find their inner selves.” In this retreat they were supposed to remain silent for three years, communicating only through paper and pen.

A couple months into their silent retreat, the woosome twosome are booted out by Guru Roach for “suspected domestic abuse.”

These are the cramped retreat huts like the one the couple stayed in before being booted

Christie admitted to stabbing Ian in the torso with a knife three times, although she said it was by accident. This is common. You’re waving around that knife and somehow it always ends up stuck in someone’s chest, back or throat. The people around you really need to watch out.

After they are kicked from the retreat, Christie and Ian go camping in an inhospitable desert mountain area to get “their thoughts settled.” To make a long story short, Ian dies of dehydration and exposure.

This is Christie and Ian before she stabbed him

Relationship lessen learned:  Spending too much time together as a couple can drive you batshit crazy and somebody’s gonna end up dead.