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Everything Wrong with Bernie Sanders' Crazy Green New Deal - Staked in the Heart
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Not A Safe Space

Everything Wrong with Bernie Sanders’ Crazy Green New Deal

At a staggering cost of over $16 trillion, Bernie’s Green New Deal is being lauded by liberals as “ambitious” and “bold.”

It is an absurd joke.

It’s created by someone who clearly has no understanding of economics or how governments function.

Bernie doesn’t even have a basic grasp of how the real world around him operates.



Everything is wrong with the latest Green New Deal, but here are some highlights:

No errors in the ISIS magazine

The proposal is embarassingly written – Rife with grammatical errors and typos, it’s as if a middle schooler wrote it. ISIS members have a better command of the English language.

The $16.3 trillion Green New Deal will pay for itself – Except it’s four times our entire national budget each year.

Schools are to be farms – They will serve “breakfast, lunch and snacks,” but by law must grow 30% of their food. In addition to poorly teaching reading, writing and math, schools will turn their parking lots into crop fields.

Trailer parks are out – No more “leaky” mobile homes. They will be replaced by more energy efficient houses. (This is just going to confuse tornados.)

All food must be organically grown –  Bernie will create “good paying” and “unionized” jobs for people who can spend the day picking bugs off crops.

It’s going to create “20 million jobs” – See above.

Every grass lawn must go – Lawns are to be replaced with food producing mini-farms or forests. No more parks or baseball diamonds. But we won’t need to play sports because we’re all going to be exhausted from working at a job and farming our own food.

Fossil fuels, natural gas and nuclear are to be taxed into oblivion – Everyone must drive an electric car. Everything will be run on “free” electricity powered by wind turbines and solar panels. Big-rig trucks will run on “long-term batteries” that haven’t been invented.

No more fossil fuels means no more pesticides, fertilizers, contact lenses, eyeglasses, cosmetics, fabrics, medicines, plastics, which includes IV bags, syringes, tubing or any of the myriad of products that require petrochemicals to produce. Oh, and to you vegans out there:  pleather is made from petrochemicals.

No word from Bernie on how we’re going to power airplanes, helicopters, submarines and ships with solar panels.

No word from Bernie on how we’re going to build anything requiring concrete since its main ingredient is coal.

“Climate Justice Resiliency Fund” – Bernie plans to create new government bureaucracies to manage all the billions of dollars he wants to hand out to the “vulnerable fenceline” and “climate impacted” tribal people, people of color, disabled and any other victim group he can come up with.

Composting in LA

Everyone will compost – Bernie believes this will also help solve the hunger problem.

We already have compost piles in LA called trash heaps, and it certainly helps the rat hunger problem.


The Bernie Green Deal is going to cost $16 trillion. What do we get in return for this enormous sum?

Land in other countries will be strip-mined bare for the rare earth minerals needed to manufacture all those batteries.

Half of the vacant land in America will be covered in wind farms, the other half in solar panels. We will only be able to walk or bicycle to work because plugging in all those electric cars and turning on one more vacuum cleaner will cause the fragile overtaxed grid to go down. We will sweat in the summer from no A/C use allowed.

We will have to grow our own organic food in our front yards since there won’t be trucks to deliver it to us. We will have to use healing hands, leeches and prayer since few medications will be available.

Compost heaps everywhere will attract rats and fleas allowing for deadly diseases to flourish.

We will be going back in time to a pre-industrial age. Bubonic Plague here we come.

America will be a shithole.

But, hey, it will be worth it because we might be able to keep the temperature of an entire planet from rising 1.5 degrees Celsius.


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