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fish mouth

The standard SWJ look: dead eyes, hipster glasses, and fish mouth

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  1. … And what about having a soulless, brain-dead faces;
    sporting rainbow hair;
    living on social media and attacking others at a signal from their brainless peers;
    living according to tribalism and virtue signaling;
    having total lack of creative imagination and hating those who do;
    abhorring anything to do with capitalism, masculinity, independence, strength, constitution, will to live and prosper;
    having a hair-trigger reflex for spewing hatred at those, not sharing their sick and perverted political views;
    having pale-green skin and weird look on their faces;
    wearing multiple layers of tasteless clothing and disgustingly ugly (like themselves) pussy-hats;
    having stupid small & large numerous meaningless tattoos;
    being overweight; sleazy and dirty;
    being white- man-hating feminazis,
    screaming at the top of their lungs about being sexual minorities, having pedophile tendencies, while forcing everyone to conform no matter how it might offend others;
    belonging to one of the 75 non-binary inter-sectional weird genders of a maddening “gender salad”;
    believing in the utopian “goodness” of Socialism/Marxism/Communism;
    feeling miserable about themselves most of the time and having THE ugliest women in their ranks;
    speaking in pre-cut one-size-fits-all blocks/mantras, forced on them by college professors and equally stupid brainless idiots-peers;
    hating traditions and families as well as high art: “the worse, the better”
    ruining their looks once having joined the ranks of feminists;
    failing to understand the goodness of family values or having children instead of promoting abortions;
    being deceitful and 9 times more conniving liars;
    6 times likely leaving no tips at restaurants;
    being intellectually challenged and when cornered by arguments and unable to substantiate their ridiculous points of view, instantly going into attack and starting to curse at the opponents;
    viciously attacking others while only in groups and covering their faces, but being cowards when alone;
    being spiteful and evasive about their true intentions;
    belonging to satanic ritualistic mental cults……………….,
    …………….and many-many more other, similar qualities too numerous to list here.

    Otherwise, they are nice and friendly people……

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