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Top 5 Batshit Craziest Social Justice Warriors - Staked in the Heart
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Not A Safe Space

Top 5 Batshit Craziest Social Justice Warriors

The standard SWJ look: dead eyes, hipster glasses, and fish mouth

They piss and moan, cry and sob uncontrollably, throw themselves on the floor, spin around in circles, screech and shriek, and whine like babies. They are the democracy-hating, Freedom of Speech crushing, socialist snowflakes known as The Social Justice Warriors.

It was hard to pick the craziest. There are many SJWs stomping around like the Gestapo putting a stop to the cultural misappropriation that is Taco Tuesdays, rudely interrupting speakers and screaming at pro-lifers. But some SJWs stand out from the crowd for their particularly over the top insane ideas or behaviors.

When they aren’t sending death threats to themselves, castrating men and getting almost raped…..


Click on Trigglypuff to see her flail her arms. Check out the woman on the right of the screen

“Trigglypuff” – Cora Segal is the real name of this morbidly obese student who earned the Trigglypuff nickname after her infantile behavior during a campus Q & A session in 2016.  She passed out flyers accusing the conservative guest speakers of being “racists” and “xenophobes”,  but that wasn’t enough harassment. Triggly constantly interrupted the host and guests with profanity and insults.

She screamed, “Fuck You!” She pounded her arms in the air and pitched a tantrum like a toddler on ‘roids who’s refusing to eat her Brussel sprouts. Hilarity and gifs ensued.




Trigglypuff has been seen since protesting at the RNC, searching for XXXXL diapers and eating around her gastric by-pass.



We wouldn’t want a man to find you attractive, now would we, Rosemary?


Rosemary Donahue – Trump hating, bulimic, feminist writer for Allure magazine. Allure used to advise about the new, hottest lipsticks and eye shadow palettes, but now is apparently into social justice activism because it’s such a logical step.

Recently, Donahue took her fingers out of the back of her throat long enough to write about a study which showed men preferred thin women. She called the study “pointless” and “irresponsible”. She complained it was “toxic” and “demeaning”.  She was triggered.

She also added that the study was “dangerous” because the results might not be a “true window” into what men want.

Rosemary, have you met any actual heterosexual men?

It’s want they want.

She concluded with the notion that we should all “push for more diversity” so we can change societal sexual preferences.

—- record scratch —-

Whoa, what?! Aren’t we supposed to embrace all sexual preferences? I thought we were free to love whoever. What happened to that? It’s okay for a gender variant, non-cis female-to-male transgender gay to be attracted to a non-binary, androgynous pangender bi, but a normal hetero dude shouldn’t want to bang thin women. No, that weird ass shit needs to stop right now.



Laurie Penny – Calls herself a professional feminist. She’s a nervous, twitchy, entitled, anorexic Brit who raves incoherently about the evils of The Patriarchy and the oppression of women —- when she’s not picking her nose and eating it.

Her fav saying is “Men are trash.”

Enough said.




Ashleigh dresses to ensure any potential rapist makes a better choice


Ashleigh Ingle -“Anarchist Ashleigh” is the creator of the concept of “fart rape.” In order to push the falsehood that western women are trapped in a rape culture, SJWs have gotten creative about what constitutes “rape.”

In addition to actual rape where a woman is violently attacked and sexually assaulted, there’s fart rape, “stare rape” and “gift rape.” (The last one is where a man assaults a woman with cards, flowers, and candy. Men are such pigs!)

According to man-hating Ingle, men are showing passive aggressive violence over women when they pass gas around them. Male flatulence creates fear, contributes to a rape culture and the oppression of women.

Ingle even has a “safe space” on Twitter at #fartrape. Women can share their horrifying experiences being crop dusted and post photos of their fart rapists to shame them.



Big Red screaming at people to shut the fuck up and listen to her


Chanty Morris aka “Big Red” – She’s loud, she’s rude, she’s obnoxious. She’s 100% pure SJW. Radical feminist Chanty shows up to other people’s meetings to rant about the evils of The Patriarchy (There it is again, this mysterious, undefined entity the SJWs rail against.)

Chanty interrupts by screaming at the top of her lungs, “Fuckface!” and “Shut the fuck up! I’m speaking!” When one man at a Men’s Rights Movement meeting was trying to discuss the high suicide rate for young males, Chanty kept repeating, “Cry me a river!”

Chanty pre-SJW

When she’s not dying her hair red with her own period blood, she’s barricading doors so people can’t get in to lectures she doesn’t approve of. At one university event, she and the other SJWs pulled a fire alarm to disrupt it.

In her little SJW bubble, she’s the only one entitled to Free Speech. This is standard SJW thinking. No one is allowed to have an opinion—let alone voice an opinion—unless it’s their opinion.

Chanty’s a perfect example of how semi-good looking women become hideous once they turn SJW. We’re seeing the scrambling of their mind manifesting itself in their physical appearance.




SJWs back in the day

Decades ago there would be a special place where these kind of women would reside.

It was called an Insane Asylum.







Watch ANTIFA blow themselves up!




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7 Responses »

  1. Inquiry: If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it, is an SJW going to still be offended?

  2. What I think the writer is missing entirely is there is NO connection between gender and body image and size. To make this comparison is a false one. This writer is basically saying that if a man is attracted to a curvy girl he is not heterosexual because he writes all hetero men are attracted to thin women. So, explain the mass and growing amount of BBW pornography out there? I mean the writer’s point is not so much toxic or demeaning as much as its just inaccurate.

  3. I used to fart rape my mom back in the day when I still lived at home. Everyone thought it was funny, including my dad and brothers. Sometimes we would gather ‘round and fart rape each other. Now I see what misogynists we were. Glad SJW’s are bringing this disgusting crime into the light.

  4. “on August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was finally ratified, enfranchising all American women and declaring for the first time that they, like men, deserve all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.”

    Yeah, Women can go fuck them selves.

  5. This is what feminism does to women , satirical video from talented character comic , Harry Enfield. What
    has Chanty Morris done to herself ???, A perfect before & after of women that join the ranks of feminism.

    • Thanks for sharing that. I love British comedy.

      • I can tell you like Limey humour , in the style of your own very funny comments , you definitely have a dash of British caustic & satirical / sarcastic humour. The best US comedies have British influence , Parker & Stone , the makers of South Park, love Brit humour. They take the piss out of those that deserve it !! Those ” deranged harridans ” in the sketch obviously went on a Wimmins Studies course & became the Cultural Marxist man-haters as pictured in your post !!

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