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UPDATE 2/16 – Oroville Dam Prediction Rainfall Will Overtop Spillway

2/16 – Rainfall predictions will overtop emergency spillway. This video gives a look at the current weather and the dam. Please share either this video or this webpage with others. Thank you.

2/13 – Yesterday I watched people’s videos of the Oroville Dam and saw a potential disaster unfolding. Massive amounts of rain have filled the reservoir, and the dam is overflowing. But, the main concrete spillway for overflow has a gigantic hole in it. And the emergency spillway—which has been renamed the “auxillary spillway” by the Department of Water Resources in an attempt to hide that its for emergencies—is tunneling into the natural terrain and flooding down the hill.

“Sorry folks, we just don’t have a current photo of the dam.” (Actual photo of DWR Director Croyle during press conference using old image of dam.)

The DWR held a press conference where they displayed an outdated image of the dam that looked like it was taken when Google Earth first started. The resolution so poor it was mostly white with blurry dotted landmarks. Not a current HD photo showing the bad situation with the water overflowing. No video or webcam footage showing exactly where the problems are in real time.

DWR officials blathered about cubic feet per second of water flow, lower flows create more energy, blah, blah, and claimed the flooding was “typical.” Everything is fine. Nothing to see here folks. We have everything under control.

A couple hours later they were screaming, “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!”

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Oroville area were evacuated.

Meanwhile, there was zero coverage from the mainstream media about this potential 800 foot wall of water breaking free like a tsunami and washing away half the Sacramento Valley. They were doing their usual boring bashing of our President and reporting on what people were wearing to the Grammy’s.

The only way we knew what was happening at Oroville Dam was because of Citizen News. It was regular citizens uploading their videos and people with knowledge giving their opinion on personal blogs that kept us informed.

Read dam contractor Scott Cahill’s expert opinion about the crisis at Oroville Dam here.

You can’t rely on officials to provide accurate information. In their desire to not create a panic, they lie by omission, or give out falsely positive statements that often have little to do with reality. The truth:

Officials do not know what is going to happen with the dam in the next few days.

Bill Croyle, DWR Director said on Tuesday, referring to the dam’s crisis situation, “I’m not sure anything went wrong.” 

Earth to Bill: something has gone terribly wrong.

The bottom line is you have to keep yourself informed through Citizen News. Watch YouTube videos, read what experts like Scott are saying. If you live in the Oroville Dam flood zone area—that is the Sacramento Valley—at least be prepared to evacuate.

If officials say to evacuate, you need to do that immediately. That means things have gotten so bad they can’t cover up the disaster any more.

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  1. They were told 12 years ago it needed repairs , I believe Arnold was in charge

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