A Politically Incorrect Zone

Liberals are the New Nazis

Liberals love to call President Trump “Hitler.” Ironically, they have it backwards. It is the progressive liberals who are the fascists.

When we think of classical fascism, we think of the radical, goose stepping Nazi Party….but they were socialists. The Nazis had free health care, central control of education, the media was a tool for propaganda, and the government was involved in every aspect of life. They hated the free market, stomped on free speech, supported euthanasia and abortion, had racial quotas at their universities, and strict gun control (except for Nazi party members, of course). They developed organic farming and alternative medicines.

Liberals insult Trump and his supporters with the words “Nazis” and “Hitler”, but they obviously don’t know a thing about the Nazis. The liberals don’t realize they are the new Nazis.

Liberals are The Speech Police

Liberal Berkeley rioting to keep someone from a different viewpoint from speaking

Liberals don’t support Freedom of Speech unless they agree with what’s being expressed. Case in point: rioting over conservative Milo Yiannopoulus speaking at Berkeley. Anyone expressing an opinion or fact that differs from the liberal viewpoint is censored, shouted down, protested against, mocked, or insulted.

Leftists are such fascists they want certain words banned. As if the air going over my vocal cords and out through my lips creates a sound so disturbing it must not be heard. Word banning started with “nigger”. Somehow, nigger became The Worst Word ever uttered by a human and no one is allowed say it or write it—except for blacks. They have Black Privilege.

A real tranny

Other banned words followed, like “tranny,” which used to be an auto part. “Retarded” is no longer allowed to describe someone who is, in fact, mentally retarded. “Redskin” and “Indian” are viewed to be almost as offensive as nigger.

But liberals reach the pinnacle of Nazism when it comes to banning what they label “hate speech”.

Hate speech is speech that attacks, threatens, or insults a person or group on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.

Bruce as Caitlyn. I rest my case

Except for glowing compliments, anything you say could be classified as hate speech. You can’t share a negative opinion or fact about any one, any religion, any nationality, any gender, any race. Talk about crushing Free Speech.

All the following would be considered hate speech:

Bruce Jenner looks like shit as a woman.

Men are pigs.

Russians drink too much.

Islam is scary.

I’m guilty of hate speech when I’m expressing an opinion. But it’s okay to express your opinion, even a negative one, even if it sounds hateful to someone else. That’s what Freedom of Speech is. Protecting speech someone else finds offensive.

Liberals are The Culture Police

Jack booted liberals want to dictate what the rest of us can wear, even on Halloween. They do this under the guise of  “cultural misappropriation” with the slogan “My Culture is Not A Trend.”

Cultural misappropriation is “borrowing” from an ethnic group you don’t belong to without their permission. An example is a Vic Secret model wearing a feathered headdress when she clearly isn’t an Indian chief. This “borrowing” supposedly robs the ethnic group of the credit they deserve for inventing the music, food, dance, clothes, whatever.

Note that white is not considered an ethnic group so it’s acceptable for a black woman to appropriate a “white hairstyle” and get her hair straightened. Whites don’t have a culture according to liberals.

Miley Cyrus got criticized when she was caught unauthorized twerking on stage. Apparently, only black women are allowed to revoltingly wiggle their bottoms like baboons in heat. They deserve all the accolades for twerking. You white girls need to keep your butt movements down to a bare minimum.

When Lena Dunham went to her alma mater, to her horror, she discovered a Sushi Bar. She shamed her university for misappropriating fish.

Liberals are such fanatical fascists they don’t want you to eat the Chipotle Explosive Diarrhea burrito if you’re not Hispanic.

Looks like John Travolta is misappropriating more than just a hairstyle here….

There needs to be a Government DNA Testing Agency to issue cards certifying people’s racial identity. The cards will come in handy when a white person with dreadlocks encounters a Social Justice Warrior who screams at them for misappropriation. Whitey can flash their Proof of Racial Identification Card to show they have at least 25% African genes and are, therefore, allowed to wear dreads.

Liberals are The Thought Police

Liberals are stealthily indoctrinating our young people. They control the film industry, magazines, websites like Facebook, and universities where they push their liberal agenda.

Teen Vogue used to be about fashion. It helped teens not to dress like dorks. Now it features articles on how Black Lives Matter empowers women, and how a hijab wearing Muslim teen won “Best Dressed” at her school. Doubtful she could have won such an award wearing the traditional full burqa completely covered up.

“Stop. Think.” posters are put on college campuses encouraging students to censor their own thoughts before they say something. Every thought must be filtered through the “Is it Offensive?” lens.

Someone is missing her straitjacket

Like the “If then…” loops in computer programming, students are conditioned to analyze what they are thinking based on potential offensiveness as determined by liberal dogma. If their thought is not politically correct, then STOP, don’t say it. If their thought is PC, then proceed to speak.

What’s wrong with watching what one says? Nothing, except this filtering is one-sided only. Political correctness stifles critical thinking and free discussion. Young people now have a knee jerk reaction automatically to reject anything viewed as not liberal whether it be the truth, a scientific fact or an opinion. No discussion allowed.

Keep in mind liberals are free to go on insulting, hate-filled rants (see Ashley Judd at Women’s March) in the interest of promoting liberal positions. That’s acceptable because the liberal position is the correct one.

Continues on Men are Fart Raping Women.






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