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Dracula Must Be Turning Over In His Grave - Staked in the Heart
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Dracula Must Be Turning Over In His Grave

Before he was turned into a cheesy horror character named Dracula, the real Vlad The Impaler or Vlad Dracula was a medieval ruler in Wallachia (Romania) in the 1400s. The real Vlad is best known for fighting off invading Muslim hordes. The name Dracula comes from the word Dracul or “dragon” after Vlad’s father’s induction into the Order of the Dragon. The Order of the Dragon were defenders of Christian Europe against the Islamic expansion from the Ottoman Empire.

Islamic expansion

Author of the book Dracula, Bram Stoker probably choose to base his vampire character on Vlad because he had a blood-thirsty reputation. His favorite method of execution was impalement on a spike. He and his men would impale thousands of Muslims at a time. It sent a chilling message to other Muslims about not invading Wallachia again.

Vlad successfully fought the Muslims before dying in battle in 1477. His entire life was dedicated to keeping the Islamic scourge out of his country.

Fast forward to today

Europeans are allowing Muslims, mostly single men between the ages of 18 and 45, to flood into their countries by the millions. They are a de facto army. The European ancestors sacrificed their lives to keep out the Islamic cancer, and here their descendants are allowing the violent, primitive savages to stroll right in. They even have “Welcome” signs out. It defies common sense.

These aren’t refugees they are welcoming with open arms.

This is a hijrah

In the Islamic world, a hijrah is jihad by immigration. It is one of the ways Islam spreads itself in its quest for world domination—through mass migration. These well-meaning, but weak, naïve European liberals are destroying their own countries.

As I’ve said in my blog post on why liberals are determined to commit suicide, this will end badly when the veneer of civility wears off and the Europeans realize they’re in a fight for their lives. This is why countries who value freedom, equality and human rights should ban Muslims while they can. Once Islam gets a foothold, that country is doomed to be mired in poverty, violence, ignorance and filth. All we have to do to see the horrible effects of Islam on a nation is to look at the Middle East.

Not to mention all the raping and assaults, take a look at these photos to see how much respect the refugees have for their host countries. Dracula must be spinning in his grave.

This is what the refugees have done to Parisian streets


This is refugee filth in Germany


Piles of garbage at a migrant collection point in Hungary


This is a Budapest Train Station after refugees have been there


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