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Thanks for Nothing, Bill Gates, You Pompous Douchebag

Gates smugly congratulates himself for all the aid he isn’t giving to America

In honor of The Fourth of July, I’m going to blog about something serious, something that affects our country.

Recently, I saw a documentary on how Bill Gates was once again giving away hundreds of millions to help people in a foreign country. This time it was India, which is one of his favorite pits to toss money into.

Gates often gives without thinking about the negative consequences of his aid. Case in point: saving millions of newborns in India with a portable incubator. While it sounds nice in theory, the people of India are already swimming in fetid squalor due to over-population. Adding more people to the mix will only make the place more squalid. Did he not see Slumdog Millionaire? Wanna help India? Provide them with birth control.

Let’s add more people to this scene so they can have even fewer teaspoons of rice to eat that day

While it’s nice to help others, America needs help right now. Bill Gates gives away 75% of his foundation’s money to other countriesand only 25% to America. It should be the other way around.

One of the goals of his charity in America is to help kids gain “access to information technology” and he donates millions to computer science departments. That’s self-serving. In other countries he’s all about saving lives, but here he is ensuring a new generation is hooked on computers and, hence, Microsoft products. He’s feeding the addiction. He’s no better than a tobacco company or a crack dealer.

Gates scoffs at the notion his foundation’s money would be better spent in America, asking, “The question is, are human lives of equal value?”

The answer is: “No, Bill. Human lives shouldn’t be of equal value to Microsoft and you. Why?

Because—Bill Gates—you wouldn’t be where you are today if it weren’t for America.

You were raised in this great country where generations before you worked their asses off to lay down the foundation. You benefited from the best private education our country had to offer at Lakeside School. You were allowed to play on MIT’s computers as a teen so you could hone your computer skills. You were fortunate to be born here, at that time frame, to wealthy parents who gave you the nurturing environment which allowed you to do whatever you wanted. You didn’t have to lay down rail-road tracks, dig ditches, or toil in a coal-mine. You were able to fritter away the hours playing around with computer code—all thanks to America.

And if all that wasn’t enough, we made you rich. Americans bought your Microsoft products, not people in India, not people in the Sudan.

You aren’t self-made. You are American made.

You owe us.

Here are some things that could use an infusion of hundreds of millions of your foundation’s cash:

-Pay for dental and medical care for our poor and unemployed

-How about specially equipped houses for all our wounded soldiers? You know, those people who sacrificed so you could enjoy the freedom to become rich as shit?

I don’t know who this hero is, but this brave Marine and others like him could use some help

-Subsidize small American businesses so jobs can be created that will help our economy

and the list goes on…

Bill, stop trying to impress your liberal friends with your good deeds to impoverished nations, and start doing something for the country that made you what you are today. Show some gratitude, you ungrateful POS.

Actions speak louder than words. (Not that I’ve ever heard you express any gratitude towards America.) It’s time to start giving back to AMERICA. When everything here is fixed, you can go save the rest of the world.

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22 Responses

  1. We GAVE Bill that money, he can do whatever he wants with it. He owes us nothing. His company continues to provide many, many jobs to hard working Americans, that’s his payment to our society. Anything else is a bonus that we should be extremely grateful for.

    If you feel so strongly about it, then why don’t you just tell everyone to, instead of buying Microsoft products, donate that money to a US charity. I’m pretty sure people will tell you “Yeah OK whatever, maybe some other time”.

    Oh, and for the people that say “lol Americans are so dumb and greedy”: Note that on a large scale Humans behave very similarly, regardless of location.

  2. I never said Bill Gates owed ME anything. I don’t need or want his money. Try reading.

    You don’t get to speak for what Americans do or don’t think about themselves.

  3. Why do you American’s only see the yourselves in the world? You are doing better than 99% of the rest of the world. You have your own bloody blog and yet you thing the USA needs the money more than those suffering in impoverished nations?

    The world is bigger then your country.

    Have you ever been outside of the US? Go volunteer some of your limited time on earth to helping your fellow man in orphanages in Burma, or Cambodia.

    I don’t speak about all Americans as there are many among you who, like Bill Gates, have much more to offer to the world than blogging about how others can do better when you do nothing yourself.

    God bless everyone on earth and may there one day be equality among everyone.

    • You apparently don’t know how a lot of people are doing here. We have had severe economic problems and entire families are living in their cars. That’s NOT doing better than 99% of the world.

      Why is it that Americans are expected to help everyone else? Where is that written in stone?

      I’ve lived in other countries and traveled around the world. That has nothing to do with this issue. You have absolutely no idea what I’ve done/haven’t done for anyone else.

      What I’ve said stands. Bill Gates needs to help his own country first, then he can save the rest of world.

      • Those poor people didn’t help Gates though, he owes them as much as he owes you and the people of India.

  4. I’m sorry. Actually England is the reason why you have computer code. Not America.

    How selfish of any of you to say ‘you owe us’
    You pathetic little narrow minded people.

    I’m lost for words at the pathetic excuses for people you are.

    • I wasn’t talking about computer code specifically, but the company Microsoft, which is American.

      And this entire post doesn’t apply to you at all if you’re British.

  5. Even nerds are illogical, many times over.

  6. love this. few people take the time to see the reality of things like this.

  7. I just stumbled on to this and I have to say, I REALLY liked what you said. I agree 100%!!!

  8. Amen! And I mean that in the secular “way to go way”. He is trying to really change our schools for the worse; he has his own agenda. He is a douchebag!!

  9. I pride myself on being a humble douchebag.

  10. Reblogged this on Someone Fat Happened and commented:
    You tell him sister!

  11. I think I have a girl crush on you.


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