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We Don’t Need Any Men in Our Town

One of the symbols of feminism

In August 2012 a reality show premiered on Lifetime: The Network for WomenIt’s about a small town where they take out all the women to see how the men do in their absence. It’s called “The Week The Women Went.”

The producers are calling it the greatest social experiment ever documented.

I expected to see bumbling men floundering with child care. They would be flustered by potty training and unable to handle cooking Hamburger Helper, their houses will look like bombs exploded in them. At the end of the week, no doubt the men will be begging their wives back, thankful they returned to rescue them.

Since this is on a network purporting to be “for” women, you notice they aren’t doing a show where all the men are pulled out to see how the women fared without them. That would be a show to watch. I’d like to see women handling a nuclear core meltdown.

Now that would be a great social experiment.

I tried to find stock photos of women actually repairing cars. This was as close as I came—a woman decorating a car with a flag. The rest were hot models posing with cars

It’s not a “great” social experiment to take women out of the picture. Men can survive just fine without women. They’ve done it for centuries in something called the military. Men can cook, clean, care for children, do laundry, clean the cat box, scrapbook and grow roses. Men can do anything women can do, except physically have a child.

The reverse is not true.

I’d love to observe women try to run a town without men. Let’s see women do yard work and fix the lawn mowers when they quit running, change flats, repair cars, climb ladders to work on roofs and gutters, repair roads with hot asphalt, do plumbing, repair downed electrical wires, haul garbage, dig ditches, put out house fires, perform high rise window washing, work on cell phone tower installation, clean out over-flowing septic tanks, that sort of thing.

Let’s see women do all the dangerous and grungy jobs men do that are required to maintain our comfy way of life.

She looks way too capable. She can’t be one of the women in our no-man town.

That’s what someone needs to film—what would happen in a town without men. Make it for six months. Let’s see how well that works out. (And no Alaskan lesbians, that would be cheating. Only Penthouse faux lesbos would be allowed.)

Any ladies out there willing to do this? Live in a town without men for six months?

Come on, all you feminists, put your money where your mouth is. Show us what you got.

Prove how unnecessary men are.

Take the “We Don’t Need Any Men In Our Town” challenge.

Because you if can’t manage to live a lousy six months without men taking care of everything for you, then all you feminists need to shut up about equality.

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