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We Don't Need Any Men in Our Town - Staked in the Heart
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We Don’t Need Any Men in Our Town

One of the symbols of feminism

In August 2012 a reality show premiered on Lifetime: The Network for WomenIt’s about a small town where they take out all the women to see how the men do in their absence. It’s called “The Week The Women Went.”

The producers are calling it the greatest social experiment ever documented.

I expected to see bumbling men floundering with child care. They would be flustered by potty training and unable to handle cooking Hamburger Helper, their houses will look like bombs exploded in them. At the end of the week, no doubt the men will be begging their wives back, thankful they returned to rescue them.

Since this is on a network purporting to be “for” women, you notice they aren’t doing a show where all the men are pulled out to see how the women fared without them. That would be a show to watch. I’d like to see women handling a nuclear core meltdown.

Now that would be a great social experiment.

I tried to find stock photos of women actually repairing cars. This was as close as I came—a woman decorating a car with a flag. The rest were hot models posing with cars

It’s not a “great” social experiment to take women out of the picture. Men can survive just fine without women. They’ve done it for centuries in something called the military. Men can cook, clean, care for children, do laundry, clean the cat box, scrapbook and grow roses. Men can do anything women can do, except physically have a child.

The reverse is not true.

I’d love to observe women try to run a town without men. Let’s see women do yard work and fix the lawn mowers when they quit running, change flats, repair cars, climb ladders to work on roofs and gutters, repair roads with hot asphalt, do plumbing, repair downed electrical wires, haul garbage, dig ditches, put out house fires, perform high rise window washing, work on cell phone tower installation, clean out over-flowing septic tanks, that sort of thing.

Let’s see women do all the dangerous and grungy jobs men do that are required to maintain our comfy way of life.

She looks way too capable. She can’t be one of the women in our no-man town.

That’s what someone needs to film—what would happen in a town without men. Make it for six months. Let’s see how well that works out. (And no Alaskan lesbians, that would be cheating. Only Penthouse faux lesbos would be allowed.)

Any ladies out there willing to do this? Live in a town without men for six months?

Come on, all you feminists, put your money where your mouth is. Show us what you got.

Prove how unnecessary men are.

Take the “We Don’t Need Any Men In Our Town” challenge.

Because you if can’t manage to live a lousy six months without men taking care of everything for you, then all you feminists need to shut up about equality.

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  1. Carolina,

    I am way too late to this party…I got here via Danny and Stingray.
    Like you, I am also just beginning to realise that men can indeed live without women, but it’s not true when you flip to the reverse argument.
    Ashley is right only on one count: that both sexes should compliment each other. That was how it was designed by God/Nature.
    But if one looks very closely, men really can survive without women, except as you say, in the realm of childbearing. But given that a lot of men do not necessarily want to be fathers (unless that idea is made a sweet deal for them by a worthy woman), he can do without that too.

    Your post is a brilliant one for this reason: For feminism to get as far as it did, it required the support of men. What if, if at the first hint of ‘waywardness’ by these early feminists, all ‘male services’ were closed off to women, in a swift and decisive action, that would have put an end to that pice of nonsense. But feminism was allowed to get to the crazy stage it got to, because men enabled it. Today, a woman’s incapabilities can be glossed over because there is a man who can help her: the state (the ultimate ‘man’ lol) is paying for many single mothers (I agree not all), the dangerous work is still being done by the beta drones… So women can like Ashley can mouth off about how ‘capable’ they are.
    Wake up, Ashley. If men withdrew what they do for women and children today, we women would perish with immediate effect.
    The social contract was this: men work hard for women. Women look after the gastronomical, social and sexual needs of men in a suitable arrangement commonly known as ‘marriage’ or similar arrangement.
    But…the men continue to do what they were put on this Earth to do. And the women…um, for the most part, we are NOT doing what we are meant to do. Why not?
    That we are being enabled’ in this folly is testament to how our society has truly lost its way.

    An experiment just like what you propose in your post would be exactly the kind of thing we need to make women wake up finally.
    And it is what Ashley would need to see, to keep her mouth firmly shut on this issue. And I mean that in the most polite way possible.
    I am truly sick of the way modern women are so ungrateful for what men do.
    Bravo to you for telling the Truth.
    Ignorance is not bliss. It is the streetlight on the path to hell.

    • You aren’t late to the party. The posts on men’s rights are read every day.

      I never thought that feminism required the support of men in order to even get started. I didn’t fully realize until recently just how much women do need men, but not vice versa.

      What got me started on this men’s rights issue was that I always had a problem with the way men were disregarded when it came to risking their lives. No one seemed to care that men are sent off to die in wars, or die rescuing people, etc. That always bothered me.

      You should reply to one of Ashley’s posts directly.

  2. I know I’m late to this party, but Danny linked.

    Everyone is missing the greatest part of the GrrlTown Social Experiment:

    The part where the men invade, and the women must repel them.

    Naturally GrrlTown will have a militia formed by female military personnel.(Mostly Air Force, unfortunately.)

    The Barbarian Horde is armed with clubs and rocks (and blueballs).

    Place your bets.

  3. I don’t know how you can logically claim men and live without women but women cannot live with out men as if it’s a fact in every case scenario. Don’t you think that is a bit one sided? Let’s be honest here. If you separated men and women, I believe both genders would struggle with things they aren’t used to doing, for sure, but that doesn’t mean either gender can’t learn. I could learn to do all the things you listed above with a little education. And I’m sure men can learn to do all the things women are used to doing. Child care, however, doesn’t come with a manual, I will just point that out right there. I consider myself a feminist, but I’m not going to claim something silly like men are useless, worthless, or that I wouldn’t struggle with certain things without them. Please don’t put all feminists in that category.

    • Ashley, my view is one-sided because that’s reality. Men do EVERYTHING to keep our way of life going. But women, not so much.

      You could “learn” to do all the things listed above with “education”? It takes more than just knowledge, it takes physical strength and sometimes courage to do the dirty jobs that men do.

      You gonna become a logger? You going to repair high voltage wires? You going into the coal mine to get coal? You’re going to work in a nuclear power plant? And you’re going to collect garbage all day for 8 hours? Don’t be ridiculous.

      YOU don’t do these jobs because you don’t have to. That’s the point. Men are doing all the dirty dangerous jobs required to maintain our way of life. Not women.

      We can’t live without them. They can live without us.

      • What constitutes as a dirty, dangerous job? Also, all men are capable of doing these jobs and all women are incapable, is that what you are saying?

        • A dirty and dangerous job would be coal mining, logging, working on an oil driller, iron work (that would be welding a skyscraper frame), crab fishing, garbage collecting, high voltage wire work, installing cell phone towers etc. There are tons of these non-glamorous jobs men work at that keep our way of life going.

          Some women may have the physical ability to work at these, but NO women do work at them. NONE. There are zero coal miners, loggers, iron workers, crab fisherman, garbage collectors, etc.

          And let me add that men die all the time doing those cell phone tower installations. It is extremely dangerous.

          Not ALL men are capable of doing these jobs but ALL women are.

          • Thanks for clearing that up. How did you get to meet every person in the world? That must be time consuming.

            • By the way, there are women out there doing all of these jobs. A quick google search will show you exactly who, so I don’t know what you think you are talking about.

              • Women are 52% of the population.

                50% of coal miners are not women. 50% of people actually working on the oil rig driller are not women. I’m not talking about women working for the company. I’m talking about doing the hard job itself.

                Female garbage collectors DRIVE THE TRUCK. They’re not actually collecting the garbage from the cans and emptying it into the truck, they are pulling a lever. This does not count.

                If you think I’m wrong then show me pictures of you or your girlfriends working as auto mechanics, logging, working on a oil rig manning the drill, doing deep sea diving, working on high voltage wires, welding on a high rise skyscraper, etc.

                • I’m also talking about doing the hard job itself. There are women doing them. The percentages may be low but that is because women are still discriminated against in the workforce. It doesn’t mean that women can’t do them.

                  • It is illegal to discriminate against someone for their gender/race in America when it comes to hiring. Any woman not being hired as coal miner or logger, iron worker, etc. would have a huge lawsuit.

                    Women aren’t applying for these type of jobs because they don’t want to do them. They are difficult, dangerous and dirty.

                    Are you planning to be a logger? A coal miner? Collect garbage? Killing and butchering hogs and cattle? Road repair? Oil rig worker? High voltage wire? Cell phone tower installation? Auto mechanic?

                    No? Didn’t think so.

                    • Lots of things are illegal but they still find ways to happen. You don’t know every woman so you don’t know why they aren’t applying. This is just your guess. If they don’t want to do them in the first place, it might have something to do with the fact that women still get paid less to do these kind of jobs. I don’t do the things you named specifically, but I’m not sitting at my job, ever. I unload freight trucks at a major retail store at 4 in the morning. I lift and move around heavy furniture and pallets. Often I lift things than men my age can’t lift. I kid you not, it’s true. I might be small but I grew up on a farm and I have a good set of arms.

                    • She doesn’t seem to understand how difficult it is to prove discrimination. A woman screaming discrimination would get fair more media attention than me trying to proven an employer is racist for not hiring me, funny how that works. Women CHOOSE not to do these jobs, they don’t have too. Even during WWII when it was mostly White Women working to build airplanes, tanks and jeeps, it was a small minority of women not a huge throng. Women just don’t have to do these jobs so they don’t apply, there is some discrimination among the actual workforce but none by the employers and many would be glad to see a woman apply that qualify so they could get NOW off their back…

                  • “The percentages may be low but that is because women are still discriminated against in the workforce.”

                    You’re stupid.

                    • Thousands of thousands of women are lining to do these unwanted jobs…. but they dont get them because… they are women. And you know this… how. Show pictures of the lines of women wanting to do these jobs and getting rejected.

                    • Ashley, I know what I see. I don’t see millions of women protesting because they weren’t allowed to be loggers, coal miners, etc.

                      As for what you do, you operate heavy equipment in a warehouse. That is not one of the jobs on my list that women won’t do. You aren’t sweating your balls off on a hot highway filling potholes with asphalt. You aren’t roasting in the 110 degree heat on an oil rig driller. You aren’t balanced way above the earth welding a building together.

                      You are working in a climate controlled environment like all women.

                  • I think you’ve been taking too many Women’s Studies courses and parroting back what the professors say. It’s illegal to discriminate and lawsuits are mega-costly and cause companies to “lose face” with the public. Beyond that, the economy is bad. Even men are having trouble getting these jobs.

                    Beyond that, I find it amusing that after our recent spate of hurricanes people would still think all this. Close to 100 percent of the repair crews were men. If you feel this strongly, protest those crews — make them stop work until 55 percent of them are women. No women = no power. See how many women step up.

                    And beyond all that, men built and maintain close to 100 percent of the power grid. Sometimes very obvious things can’t be seen because they so obvious.

              • Here’s the actual percentage of women doing those jobs. Thanks to your needing education, I researched it.


                Now tell me again how women are discriminated against when we have an EEOC to sue on their behalf if they are.

      • I stood in live for a welding job and was rejected. The guy next to me stood in line for a welding job with less experience than me and was hired.

    • Ashley, I think you would be perfect to the “Take The No Men in our Town Challenge”. What do you say? Are you willing to live in a town, without men, and see how it goes? I am, and I know it’s not going to go well, and I’m fairly capable.

      We would have to have a team of men standing by to rescue us should a real emergency happen though, like a fire or natural disaster knocking down power lines.

      This would make a great reality tv show. Women without men.

  4. Reblogged this on M3 and commented:
    I know I said I’m going on break, but that starts Thursday. This post was just too epic not to share. Great post from a great lady! Enjoy.

  5. Carolina.. ur brilliant. You should write a synopsis and overview and submit it to SpikeTV. I’m sure they’d jump on the chance to make this as it would be a ratings bonanza for their target demographic. You could end up as famous as the cock who creaed survivor.

    Bravo on the post!

    • Thanks, M3 : )

      Good idea about SpikeTV !! I’ve even thought of normal things to do in the town, like have a busted water main. Let’s see how the women handle that one. (I’m laughing right now picturing frowns and confused looks.)

  6. Wow amazing post here!

    Hey Carolina,you better watch out that women don’t try to burn you at the stake like back in Medieval times lol.

    I never thought the day would come where a girl admit that men would fare better off that women would without the opposite sex.

  7. You can bet yet ass I’ll be watching and posting about this show. I’ve had VERY interesting conversations with men and women about what would happen if society really did break down.

    The red pill women are scared to death of how men have been pussified and can’t/won’t fight now.

  8. Yep, feminism too often is thinly veiled misandry in this day in age.

  9. “We Don’t Need Any Men in Our Town” starring Rosie O’Donnel 😀

  10. I truly appreciate everything my man does for me. He forces me to learn things I really don’t care to learn along the way though. I can now snake a drain, rewire electrical outlets, tile floors, replace the seal on toilets, etc. He has a list that I need to accomplish which includes changing oil in my cars, shingling a roof, and a few others I’m trying to block out. Can I live without him for 6 months? No. Hell no. You can only use a vibrator for so long then you need the real deal. 🙂

  11. This show isn’t new. I saw it (or perhaps an earlier version of it) in Canada three years ago. In the end, though, you’re spot on about the failings of this show. While it’s socially acceptable to mock men and laugh at them, and put them in situations where they’re expected to fail (or have the situation tailored to make them fail) just so that we can show how “necessary” women are, if we were to do the reverse, place women in situations where we could showcase how useless they were without men to support them, there’d be outrage, and marches, and advertiser witch-hunts all organised by feminist groups who would be convinced the show was misogynistic. But, of course, the misandry of “The Week the Women Went” would be completely lost on them.

    • I don’t have to see the show to know exactly where they are going with it. It’s to make men look like clowns who can’t manage without women.

      But, you’re right, the reverse situation would cause an uproar.

  12. In survivor the women didnt outplay the men in challenges, they were getting destroyed, so the organizers mixed the groups together to avoid kicking out more women, and then mixed them as a single tribe when there were equal in numbers.

    And then the women outsmarted the men in social game. Backstabbing and lying until they kicked all the men out.

    Hey just like in real life!

    I would donate money to create the town-without-men project. Start a crowdsourcing thing

    • I volunteer to be one of the women, but I warn that my skills in carpentry, car repair, construction, plumbing, electrical, and anything electronic are very limited.

      My husband had to set up my new TIVO yesterday. I couldn’t even do that.

  13. Maybe if they were all inexperienced with the skills required to survive it might be interesting.

    For some reason I’ve just remember a piece I read about a recent series of Survivor http://insidepulse.com/2012/03/05/survivor-one-world-episode-24-3-review-set-fire-to-the-rain/

    The women failed to create an effective shelter or fire … and solved the problem simply by going to the men’s camp and using their instead. I would have asked them how much they believed in “equality” before allowing them in – a man bashing/hating feminist would have been left outside to enjoy the rain in her badly built shelter.

    From the rest of the challenges the women did far better than the men … and I’d have to say the guys deserved it for bending over backwards to help the women. It was supposed to be a competition.

    • I don’t watch Survivor, but the men shouldn’t have helped the women.

      I think the whole point of what I’m trying to say is that women should be, at least, appreciating all the things men do. Man bashing shouldn’t be allowed.

  14. “Greatest social experiment”? Setting something up to “prove” something, in this case the charming and completely non sexist (hah) idea that men cannot survive without women and are hopeless without them is so easily done when you pick unskilled, inexperienced morons.

    All of these reality shows that use a few days or a week fail in their efforts to “prove” anything because they discount the years of experience that others have.

    A fairer experiment would be to set up two separate communities over a long period of time to analyse how they cope with new situations and what solutions they come up with. But even this would be pointless because it’s part if the whole problem of judging one sex against another as if everyone within those groups is the same. If you only want to make the usual vague generalizations that fit a certain number of people .. then why bother in the first place?

    • Actually, that would be an interesting idea, to set up two separate communities or men and women without each other to see how they cope.

      You could make things more “even” by having the men and women be the same ages, have similar education/professions.


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