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beauty_mask_black_girl_dust_white_woman_hd-wallpaper-1819075I hate it when I’m reading a blog and there is no “about” page.  I want to get know a little bit about the writer.

I’m a married woman who has dated a lot of men. It took me years mulling over what a man did or said with my girlfriends to finally “get” it, but now I understand men. I started this blog as a way to save women all the time and effort I wasted before I got a clue.  

My advice is often controversial partly because I’m so blunt. I do this because I learned over the years that when I went “easy” on someone—or candy coated my advice—the advisee didn’t get it. This method of getting my point across has created a firestorm with some readers. We’ve had some lively debates here at Staked in The Heart over the years. One of the most controversial blog posts was my “He Doesn’t Want to be Your Effing Friend”.

I also blog about whatever I feel like, this includes terrorists, our government, zombies, movies or books I’ve read.

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  1. Nice to meet you , & discover a brilliantly written blog. We are on the same page in most respects politically especially. I’m a former British Army soldier ( medic ) with a no nonsense attitude , also a single father to a 12 yr old boy & a 9yr little lady , whilst working FT too & running small online ventures , so no dating for me….I can’t really be bothered anyway , too tired most of time. I’m not surprised you get flamed , women especially are used to ” candy coating ” . A salute from a caustic Brit !!

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