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Meth Ain't a Beauty Product - Staked in the Heart
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Not A Safe Space

Meth Ain’t a Beauty Product

I’ve never tried meth because, honestly, it never interested me. Looking at this collection of meth addict mug shots taken at different ages, I’m glad I haven’t. These are gruesome. If I were shown these horrible pics as a teen, I wouldn’t have gone near the stuff. (Not that I did anyway.)

Without meaning to make a joke, this is the Zombie Apocalypse. These people look like the walking dead, rotting from the inside, their brains fried.

This is an anti-meth ad produced by Rehabs.com. It should be put up in schools, clubs, train stations, grocery stores, everywhere.

Meth ad

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  1. some of the last photos taken look as though they’re dead.

  2. I believe weed should be legal, I have seen meth ruin a family as well as other drugs. I believe the prescription problem is out of control.

  3. Hmm, while this looks awful, some of them look surprisingly young for their age and condition. What meth does to one’s brain is worse, I would say, although it’s not visible.

  4. uuuuuum….ew. the strip club i go to has a few meth heads. they good from afar, but horrid up close. meth mouth is disgusting.

  5. I nominated you for the “Blog of the Year 2012″ award. Please go to http://yourejustadumbass.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/wow-i-have-been-nominated-for-the-blog-of-the-year-2012-award/ for more information. Congratulations!

  6. If you keep picking at it, it’s never going to heal.

  7. Fucking a. The only good thing to come out of meth is Breaking Bad.

  8. I can vouch for this stuff. My brother disappeared for two years down the meth addict hole and when we finally found him again, he looked ten years older, like he’d been fighting cancer the whole time, and he only had three broken teeth left. 24 is too early for dentures, mkay.

  9. On the bright side they’d make great extras for The Walking Dead. Can’t wait for next season

  10. and someone please tell me why this poster isn’t in every high school and college in America. Great post, Carolina. And you HAD to post this over lunch time…thanks.

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