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Lay’s Potato Chip Contest Produces Some Truly Gag Inducing Flavors

Lay’s Potato chip has a contest running right now for a brand new flavor. The prize: $1,000,000. This has brought everyone out of the woodwork with their crazy, not-well-thought-out ideas.

Along with the usual bacon-cheddar-guacamole-jalapeno-taco-pizza entries there were some that were way out there. Keep in mind these are supposed to be potato chip flavors.

Broccoli and chicken alfredo – Oh, yeah, cause that’s what kids are craving to snack on:  dinner

Kentucky bourbon – This is excellent to get kids started early with their alcoholism

Peanut butter and jelly – Now there’s no need for mom to even bother making sandwiches for the kids, she can just hand them a bag of these chips

Irish corn beef – As opposed to the delicious English corn beef flavor potato chips

Cheese cake – Let’s put sugar and fat on top of our fat and salt

Tuna casserole – Uhm, when we open a bag of chips, we want to smell something pleasant

Salmon and lemon – Ditto for the salmon flavor

Cheetos – We already have a snack that is Cheeto flavored:  Cheetos

Yams and marshmallows – I can’t imagine how disgusting this could be. The real stuff is bad enough at Thanksgiving

S’mores – Ditto for this one

Waffle syrup – And this one

Almond milk and almond chips – It’s amazing this hasn’t been done before because everyone loves almond milk so much

Omelette – Because an egg adds such a delicious flavor to whatever it’s in…..oh, wait

Beer apple tea – This individual needs to Lay’s off the beer

Watermelon and cantaloupe – Part of why you bother eating a watermelon is to slurp all its juiciness, this is kinda lost in a dry chip

Ocean fish –  Okay, it’s not a contest for a cat food flavor

Then there were these kinds of entries, chip titles that gave no indication as to the flavor:

Flying Flavor of Lay – The Flavor of Lay? I don’t think I want to imagine what that could be

London Fog – This flavor would be an ancient street with essence of wet rotting garbage and vomit from local pub-goers

Tasty Hullabullo – Not sure what a hullabullo is, but Neosporin might help

Probasies –  This sounds like a milder form of rabies. “Good news! Turns out he only was infected with probasies. No need for you to have a bunch of painful injections.”

Gazpacho – This is cold soup. How is that going to translate into a dry room temperature chip?

Roasted Road Kill –  I think this person was joking, but, then again, maybe not. I did once catch my neighbor’s kids hauling roadkill home around Thanksgiving (true story)

Pebie – No idea whatsoever what this is supposed to be

Death by Chips – These must be laced with flavor of arsenic

Crimson and Clover – Maybe this person doesn’t realize clover is not a spice and crimson is a color

Smokin’ a Bowl – And we have a winner! Marijuana flavored potato chips! Lay’s needs to get right on this now

If you want to get in on the fun, check out the Lay’s Potato Chip Flavor Contest. (You don’t have to have a Facebook account to enter.)

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66 Responses

  1. Kenny, I hear you. Thanks for letting me know about how annoying this is. I don’t know why people are posting here. Let me see what I can do to stop this.


  3. Sweet potato, marshmallow & sea salt. Savory and sweet!

  4. You folks already have the basis for th e next new chip. All you need to do is pass your unsalted chips thru a chocolate powder to create Lays Cholocate Chips

    • I’m not the Lay’s company. I’m a blogger who wrote about the contest.

    • I saw where there is a contest asking for the new “Doretas Chips”. ALBERTA REID

      • I think a good flavor would be (chiliie/ cheese, ) and another one is jalapeno pepper spicy or mild flavor, white cheddar chesse or have green chips for st patrick’s maybe irish creme , Have pink and blue chips for baby showers and red cinnimon and green peppermint chips for Christmas, Pastel colors just put food coloring on chips for Easter or have pink that taste like cotton candy., blue could be blueberry & yellow could taste like a lemon It will decorate the table the chips would taste good.

  5. Finally, I had the ability to enter my recipe on facebook! I agree with several of you that, stated “you could not get thru.” Literally, it took hours to get thru! It was related to me that, the last day was ,October 5, 2012. Did any one hear anything different? ALBERTA REID MS LPC

  6. I ENTERED THE CONTEST; ONE MONTH AGO AND [TODAY] RECEIVED THE RECIPE IN THE MAIL VIA CERTIFIED MAIL! WHAT IS THE DEAL? NOW, I can not get thru in other to ascertain that Isubmit my recipe , again. What?

  7. choco chip lays with chocolate on the chip

  8. cravin cajun style potatochips

  9. Creme cheese with a hint of pineapple! This makes a great dip why not incorporate it into the chip!

  10. Roasted garlic and butter!
    Mashed potatoes and gravy
    All American cheese burger
    Smoked bacon, cheese and sour cream
    I have more..LOL!

  11. I have a couple of ideas
    1. Sweet potatoes Chips
    2. Punkin chips(for the Holiday)
    3. Four or Three cheese Chips

  12. I’ve been trying to put my recipe in and it wont let me!!!! I’m getting upset with this contest! ~ Respectfully Jane

  13. Cashew flavor lays chips

  14. Asian sweet and sour sounds good to me, also.

  15. My favorite is curry. Great favor.

  16. I come up with three flavors : Paprika Cheese,Green Bean and Sour Cream, Butter and Bacon

  17. how,about sweet and savory with cinniamon and brown sugar

  18. Twice Baked Potato I believe this would be a great potato chip flavor. When I make my twice baked potato I use cheddar cheese, sour cream, parm. Cheese, bacon, pepper garlic and salt. This would be a real great flavor for your company for your next chip.



  21. kimchi lime chip all the way yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  22. Jalapeno, Garlic, Dill Pickle Flavor

  23. well lays flavor what i think chill lay’s with a cool dog on a cookout or party all the waywith everything…..! lay’s ‘cole’.


  25. My entry is a chip that has three flavor’s/ Philadelphia cream cheese/chivas and finally celery.This should be a winning combination.

  26. no salts, or salt free


  28. I think we should have a Spicy Avacado flavor .. Oh so yummy

  29. Skyline chili and cheese flavored lays!!! Can you say delicious? Everyone one loves chili!

  30. Bacon,Lettuce,Tomato on Toast with Mayo

  31. Avocado with a hint of Lemon, for those who love Cancun, bring it on. Cold fall evenings, in front of the TV watching football

  32. i think a butterscocth

    or aoole cinnom

  33. my flavor frutilucious strawberrys, bananas, pineapple

  34. ok so i have a couple of these lays potato chip flavor ideas but the facebook sight hasnt been working so I figured I would try my luck and tell all of you on this site what my ideas are…

    1)Flavor: Hawiian Pizza Flavored

    Ingredients: Pizza Sauce, Pineapple, and Canadian Bacon

    Everyone loves hawiian pizza dont try and lie… you know you would buy these chips

    2)Flavor: Roasted Garlic and Chicken

    Ingredients: Roasted Chicken and Garlic Cloves

    Its a Meal in a BAG!! how are ya gunna say no?

    3)Flavor:3 Cheese Spinach Dip and Pita Chip Flavored

    Ingredients: Spinach, Ricotta, Provolone and Cream Cheese, Garlic and Red Pepper

  35. chocolate flavored for all of us that need chocolate and salt the women would buy them like crazy

  36. I would definitely check out the maryjane flavor. I know its good with brownies, I bet its good with some potato chips! The watermelon flavor I’m sure would be disgusting.

  37. how about morning breath

  38. I come the island Pacific island of Guam and we eat alot of coconut,taro,guacamole,and alotof spam so why not make a Spam Flavor lays chips!

  39. Mmm! Delicious, delicious bong-water! No – wait …

  40. Flavor of Lay made me giggle in an unmanly fashion.

    What’s that smell?

    The Flavor of Lay!

  41. Is this real or just bullshitting?

  42. I gotta admit, that last one would sell like, um, well, it would sell.