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Scratch ‘n Sniff Tattoos

Actual photo of the chick getting her Scratch ‘n Sniff tattoo

I have to admit I was shocked when I heard about this one. You know how everyone now has at least two or three tats? (I don’t even have one. I’ve seen too many friends have to get painful laser tat removal.) Well, there’s a new place to showcase your amateurishly drawn custom ink design. No, it’s not on the inside of your lip, across your forehead or in your eyeball. It’s……..on your anus.

And you thought anal bleaching was way out there. Btw, my upscale salon offers anal bleaching for $100, along with the usual Botox and facials. Their clever marketing ploy for getting you to turn your Chocolate Spider vanilla is to ask the burning question, “What? You want a big brown asshole?” This prompts you to race to a hand mirror the instant you get home to check yourself out, make sure yours isn’t one of those. Big. Brown. Tarantula Assholes.

It was out in public, at the South Florida Tattoo Expo, that this lovely young lady hot mess got her anus tatted. She chose her boyfriend’s name, of course, because you wouldn’t want to put “I love mom” down there. She exclaimed excitedly to the leering crowd of old pervs gathered round that getting the tat felt “so f**cking good!” You know what else feels effing good, honey? A shower once in a while.

No, she’s not flashing a gang sign. That’s her IQ. She’s showing us her IQ is double digits


At least she won’t have to worry about covering it up for that job interview she won’t be going to.





What is the lessen learned here?

Bad parenting + oxycontin + meth = anus tattoos


Here’s the video of the momentous occasion (NSFW). Enjoy!

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  1. Okay, I think we’re all missing the big picture here. Doesn’t any of you realize that the real victim here, the one we should feel sorry for, is the tattoo artist? I mean – really? That’s so gross. Plus imagine dinner time conversation w/ his wife later that day: “Honey, guess what I did today!” Creating an anal tattoo = Rating a zero on the job fulfillment scale.

  2. Well I wouldn’t do it… I’m amazed how some people get their kicks….

  3. Is that Kristen Stewart?

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    Holy Crap I didnt know people could get tattoos there

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    OH. MY. GOD….. It’s the QUEEN of those I mock on my blog.

  6. And what does the tat say? “Welcome, lover”?? Or “Shoot it Here”??

  7. A moment while I vomit…

    I mean, tats by their nature are just ugly. And they don’t make anyone a “rebel” or an “individual” — that may have been true 30 years ago, but now they indicate to me a mindless trend follower.

    But one on your ANUS? And having in done in PUBLIC??

    I’m not sure you could be any more classless or trashy.

    • I have a quartered shield of my four family crests on my shoulder blade, I didn’t do it to rebel or to be an individual, I did it out of respect and because I am proud of my family heritage.

      A good friend has his grandfathers prisoner of war number tattoo’ed on his forearm and refuses to get the bikie gang tattoo he is affiliated with.

      A lady friend of mine has a pictured tattoo of her son that passed away from SIDS.

      All a mindless trend eh??

      • Exceptions do not disprove the rule. Yes, largely, tattoos are NOT of such things, but are of the usual array of butterflies, barbed wire, skulls, stars and large ugly “tramp stamps” (back tattoos). Yes, they are ugly, especially on females. That’s my opinion. I get to have one, thanks.

        • As long as there are exceptions to the rule, I’m happy. Hell, I side with you mostly on the general stock standard tattoos that are picked from a magazine, wall or celebrity.

          I’d seriously be worried if I ever seen a tramp stamp on a male. Or do you mean all types of tattoos on women?

          What are your thoughts on ladies covering up scars from things like emergency cesareans or scars from breast cancer and such?

          • Again, these are exceptional cases. If there is a scar, why not, I guess.

            But in general, I’ve never seen a woman whom I thought a tattoo made her more attractive. Maybe it didn’t matter, but in most cases, I think they make them look worse, are indicative of mindless trend-followers and scream out narcissistically, “look at me! look at me!!”

            but as with many things in life, to each his own.

  8. This’ just pure fucking nuts!

    A lot of sick puppies in the world.

    Frankly,I don’t know why chics get tattoos where no onme can see them in the seems so counter-intuitive to me.

  9. Friends passed that video to me early this morning. I laughed. I cried.

    “It feels SOOOOOOO ****ing GOOOD!”

    I’ll bet it does sweety.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she doesn’t require lube when doing anal.


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