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“Hi, My Name Is Yunior Corbalan. I Beat Women”

“I beat women”

Meet Yunior Corbalan (actual name). He smacks women around.

Yunior is the latest boyfriend of one my long-time girlfriends. He snuck over on a banana boat from Cuba, apparently to beat our women.

About a year ago, my friend met Yunior and quickly let him move into her house—which wasn’t wise because she didn’t  know him very well.  She bought him a car, helped him find a job, and basically supported him, while he stayed at her home, cooked and cleaned the cats’ box.

The thanks she got for all her kindness was to be verbally abused, physically assaulted, and to have her expensive things broken in his fits of rage, like her laptop and cell phone.

Did she file a restraining order against him? No.

Did she report being assaulted and having her property destroyed to police? Oh, hell no.

What did she do? She broke up with him for a mili-second, and got right back together with him.

You can see the cutsie pics of them cuddling on her Facebook page, cause that’s the place you pretend everything is fine with your abusive man who smacks the shit out of you.

Here’s what I don’t get about women:  If a strange man followed her into her home, destroyed expensive items, screamed insults, physically assaulted her, grabbed her phone when she tried to dial 911 and smashed it into the wall, she wouldn’t hesitate to call police. There are no circumstances under which she wouldn’t call the police on this scary intruder.

Don’t be fooled by the smile. This guy thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to hit women

So, why is it okay (in the woman’s mind)  for her boyfriend to do these things? And she’ll make excuses for him even. My friend’s excuse for Yunior was that he was “aggressive” because he was “on medication” for his back. Would she make those same allowances for a strange intruder? No, of course, not. That’s would be insane.

Here’s another unfortunate side effect of domestic violence:

You, as the friend/family of the battered woman, are put in an adversarial position against her as she defends him. Somehow, your wanting her to break up with him or get a restraining order makes you the a**hole in the situation, but no matter what he does or says he’s never the a**hole.

Currently, my girlfriend is mad at me for wanting Yunior to be held accountable for what he’s done to her. I’ve been there for her for 20 years, including sending her food when she was broke. But, she’s not speaking to me, and unfriended me on Facebook. Of course, he’s still a Facebook friend. He can curse her out, beat her up, break her stuff and that’s okay. But, if I suggest he be held responsible for his bad behavior towards her, I’m out.

This is a man who solves problems with a woman by resorting to violence

That’s the weird twisted thinking these abused women get. It’s like they’re living in warped Domestic Violence Oz Land, where common sense doesn’t exist.

So, why did I create this page? To send a message to Yunior. I want him to know that he can’t just smack around one of the kindest, most thoughtful women on the planet and get away with it. There will be consequences.

Recently, I blogged about domestic violence, because so many of my gfs have had abusive relationships, that they chose to be in. 

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  1. Because that’s exactly the kind of relationship she wants / needs.

  2. GENIUS! If everyone did what you just did now, the world would be a much better place!!!

  3. I nominated you for a blogging award simply because, you’re one of the ones who makes sense. 🙂

  4. You’re doing her a favor by giving her a voice and telling her story. Bravo! Great post.

  5. For once I agree with Mister Vile… 😀

    This is BIGGER than FRIENDSHIP, society needs to take a stance! Name and shame bullies, protect yourself, your family and your friends and SAY NO to violence.

    Maybe Dr Phil can sort it out??? Just saying – send an email, he would love to help. 😛

  6. I’ve learned over the years that you can’t help people who refuse to help themselves. They have low self esteem and very little self worth and thats not something a friend can change. It has to come from within. The best you can do is continue to be a wonderful friend and wait until she chooses the right path. When she does, you two can sit down together, have a glass of wine and find ways to make it look like an accident.

  7. She is actually pretty straightforward, not to mention typical. The person making me shake my head in incomprehension is you.

  8. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:
    This dude should be in Jail

  9. Good post. Get the word out now.

    Your friend needs her head checked. Buying her abusive boyfriend a car and letting him move in are two things that should not have happened. She’s putting herself in physical and financial danger here and can’t see the errors of her ways because you and your friends/family “don’t know what he’s really like.” let’s hope she comes to her senses soon. She’s screwing up here and it’s likely to get worse.

    By the way, Danny sent me to your page and I’m glad he did!

    • Well said. I just don’t “understand” him. She took him to many doctors to find out why he was “aggressive” I told her it was because he’s an abusive ass.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • I don’t “understand” him either, but maybe there isn’t much to understand here. He is an abusive ass. He’s a clever abusive ass because he can flip the switch and become normal long enough for your friend to stand by him. And I’d venture that Yunior knows what he’s doing enough to know when to flip the switch from “crazy asshole” to “loving cool guy.” As aneroidocean noted, your friend is smitten with Yunior. She puts up with his crap because she likes him. She may think she can’t do better, too.

        For years, I got haircuts from a lady who lives with an abusive husband, and until I heard about the Manosphere and the Red Pill, I couldn’t believe she put up with it. Now I see why. Your friend’s getting the tingles somehow. She gets them enough that she wants to stick around. She fails to see the harm she’s doing to herself.

  10. She likes some part of it so much that she puts up the rest. She thinks she can’t do better. Same reason men pedestalize women, oddly enough.

  11. “So, why is it okay (in the woman’s mind) for her boyfriend to do these things?”

    That hamster can make any woman do crazy things.

    Men have hamsters too. Let’s them think gold diggers are just nice misunderstood people too.

    And Yunior? Well he’s a coward. I’d dare him to try and be abusive in public and not in the shadows. Even tho there’s a plethora of men who are swearing off being white knights and helping women who aren’t immediate family or relatives (see Costa Concordia sinking) i’m pretty sure Yunior would be dealt with fairly quickly.

    Cowards choose the weak and easy targets that have no capability to strike back. Conversely cowards also strike at people who by their privilege know their target won’t strike back either.

    • For those readers who don’t know, the term “hamster” is used in the pick up artist (PUA) world. My take on it is that they see women like hamsters (who go around on a wheel) in their constant desire to be involved with abusive alpha males.

      Guys, please correct or modify this if I have it wrong.

  12. WTF is wrong with dudes. How can you beat a woman, then come crying back telling her how sorry you are, then expect sex.
    Once a man hits a woman he will do it over and over again.He will never stop.
    Maybe you should show her pictures of Nicole Simpson

    • It wouldn’t do any good to show her Nicole’s slash throat and bloody body.

      You’re right, once the hitting starts, it never stops. I think there are two types of men: those who hit women and those who don’t. A man is either comfortable hitting a woman or he isn’t.

      • You should make a facebook page as well.

      • You know, I would contend that being comfortable with hitting women is a flawed idea. Women aren’t inherently immune to or uniquely vaccinated against violence based only on their sex, as in they’re the only group against whom violence isn’t a potential option. I think the issue is whether a person is comfortable VICTIMISING another person. I don’t victimise, but I’ll tell you one thing, if I was a attacked, by a man or a woman, I’d use violence to defend myself if I had to, and I’m comfortable in that assertion. That doesn’t make me an abuser of women, and I resent the implication that it would.

        That’s what equality is, treating everyone the same. The idea that, for whatever reason, a woman is supposed to be protected from harm simply because she’s a woman is offensive to me. No one should ATTACK another person, regardless of gender, and no one should be willing to accept violence from another person, regardless of gender. If women are to be seen and treated as individual, mature, responsible adults, they need to be prepared for the consequences of their actions. To insulate them from those consequences merely treats them as children, and emboldens them to continue behaving badly. One of the reasons that women seem so willing to physically assault the men around them is because they DON’T get hit back.

        Setting up a false dichotomy as you have, that men are either violent abusers or they’ll never hit a woman ever, you’re basically eliminating all of the potential situations in which using violence against a woman is justified. Women are people too, and we treat everyone the same.

        • Well, of course, if a woman is attacking a man, he can defend himself, and that doesn’t make him an a**hole.

          I’m talking about situations where he isn’t having to defend himself physically, that he’s using violence as a power thing. Either a man resorts to violence to control women, or he doesn’t.


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