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Month: July 2012


Take the “We Don’t Need Any Men in Our Town” Challenge

In August a new reality show is premiering on Lifetime: The Network for Women. It’s about a small town where they take out all the women to see how the men do in their absence. It’s called “The Week The Women Went.” The producers are calling it the greatest social experiment. I expect we’ll see bumbling men… Read More ›

the borg cube

You’re Just Part of the Pussy Collective

I got involved with a player against my better judgment. I first observed him drunkenly stagger out of a bar with a girl he had just met. He took her home, and one-night standed her—then never called. He did that sort of thing routinely. He chased me until I went out with him.  He was… Read More ›

"I beat woman"

“Hi, My Name Is Yunior Corbalan. I Beat Women”

Meet Yunior Corbalan (actual name). He smacks women around. Yunior is the latest boyfriend of one my long-time girlfriends. He snuck over on a banana boat from Cuba, apparently to beat our women. About a year ago, my friend met Yunior and quickly let him move into her house—which wasn’t wise because she didn’t  know… Read More ›


Review of Colin Farrell and Playmate Nicole Narain’s Sex Tape

It’s time for our once-a-week celeb sex tape review with actor Colin Farrell banging model Nicole Narain. She was a Playboy Playmate in 2002. Colin is completely shaved bald, with a black goatee. He doesn’t look like a rugged movie star; he looks like a Neo-Nazi. One of the oddest things about the video is… Read More ›


Proof that Men aren’t Valued as Much as Women

The other day I blogged about how men had the right to be angry with feminism, and the misandry in our society. See it here. I commented about how the military has been traditionally all male and because of that, soldiers are viewed as nothing more than cannon fodder. Soldiers are taken for granted; their… Read More ›

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Do Men Have a Right To Be Angry With Women?

There’s a growing Men’s Right movement in America. A lot of men are angry over what they view as the misandry in our society. Their issue:  feminism is screwing men over. They have a point. Feminists demanding equality—which sounded like a good idea—caused a cultural revolution that changed the roles of men and women. Unfortunately,… Read More ›

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From Your Balls to Her Heart

Recently, I became aware of the love-making technique called Karezza. The word is Italian for caress. Karezza is defined as a “spiritual way of having sex.” It’s not new age-y even though it sounds like it. With Karezza, neither partner has sex with the intent to achieve orgasm. There is no happy ending. It’s described as the… Read More ›

Young woman with a black eye

If You Find Yourself Being Smacked Around, It Is Your Own Fault

Today’s post is about a serious topic:  domestic abuse. Dr. Phil is on a mission to keep women from being battered. His slogan is “End the Silence On Domestic Violence.” But I recently watched him counsel a woman whose boyfriend, punched, choked, and kicked her. Dr. Phil told her she wasn’t to be blamed for… Read More ›


A Review of Infamous “Dirty Sanchez” Celeb Sex Tape

You wanted it. Now here it is: a review of the worst “celeb” porno out there. I must really love you guys. Dustin Diamond, who calls himself  “The D-man” was a child star in some show. He  played a character called Screech.  The Big-Douche was broke a few years ago, and decided the best way… Read More ›


Booty Grab Bag

I had been attending upscale parties for young single professionals. One night I gave a couple guys my phone number. A few weeks later, one of them called me late at night. We engaged in the usual small talk. Suddenly—instead of asking me out—this guy tries to talk me into driving to his house. To… Read More ›


Where No Buffoon Has Gone Before…Prometheus Review

I’m a huge fan of the Alien franchise, but Prometheus sucks. The film opens with amazing special effects as we watch a humanoid male dissolve himself in the waters of Earth to seed all the life here with his DNA. It goes downhill from there.     The story is about a motley crew of idiots… Read More ›


1 Night In Paris – A Review of Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape

You asked for it, and you’ve got it. Another celeb-u-tard sex tape review. 1 Night in Paris starring Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon should have been titled 1 Night in a French Morgue because as far as sex goes, Paris is deader than Kim Kardashian. At least Kim attempts to fake orgasm; Paris couldn’t be… Read More ›

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