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He Would Rather Eat Broken Glass Than Tell You It’s Over

Guys are very bad when it comes to communicating verbally that it’s over. You could be with him for years, and have 10 kids with him. It doesn’t matter.

He will do almost anything to avoid having to say the words to your face, I don’t want to be with you any more.”

It’s because guys can’t stand a woman’s anger or tears. So…in order to avoid this unpleasantness, a man will try to get his woman to break up with him first.

Problem is, this method of ending a relationship doesn’t work neatly. It only creates total miscommunication, confusion and needless drama. The guy thinks he’s sending a clear message that he’s finished with the relationship through his actions. But, the woman thinks—since he hasn’t said anything—and he’s acting so differently, that must be depressed, or going through a rough patch in his life. She thinks he needs more of her love and understanding.

The man gets frustrated the woman isn’t taking the hint, and becomes a Super A**shole. He will say mean things and do mean things. Or he won’t say anything and be coldly silent all the time. He will do whatever it takes to get the No-Longer-Wanted Irritation (her) out of his life.

Most girls/women not only don’t “get” his message, but they can also get caught up in the idea they have invested so much into the relationship they don’t want to give up—no matter how badly he acts. They will keep hanging in there to basically be abused.

Important Relationship Tip for the Guys:  Man up. Tell her verbally it’s over. Don’t equivocate, candy-coat or minimize it. Don’t use words like “yet” and “maybe.” Don’t give her any hope. Just say, “I AM DONE WITH THIS RELATIONSHIP. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO FIX IT. I’M OUTTA HERE!”

Then leave—and stay gone.

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  1. my son’s father and I have been together for 15 years, well since I know him so well inside and I out, i noticed things over time that was different, the love didn’t feel the same anymore (saying and receiving it) I love him so much with all of my heart, but i just don’t think he feels the same way toward me anymore, i know he knows it’s going to hurt me if he says it, but i really wish that he would. He gives me the run around about it and it hurts my feeling even more because in all honesty, i know that’s what he wants, but still i want him to say “the words”. Am i just torturing myself? But this closure is very important to me, I just want to be wrong about it!….

    • Kayla, if that’s what your feeling is going on, then you have to ask him directly. Be prepared for a lie to start with, but keep pressing. The two of you obviously have communication issues (like most couples). You have to take a deep breath and say, “I’m getting the impression your feelings have changed. What’s going on?” If he opens up, then ask him if there’s a way the two of you could work on it.

      Good luck.

  2. Being mean and abusive but then still initiating sex with you, is what makes it confusing… And cruel.

    • Yes, it is confusing when men do this.

      It’s up to women to not allow this type of behavior. Women must expect men to treat them decently and with respect. If Jodi Arias was putting up with bad treatment from Travis (which I doubt rose to the level of domestic violence) that was her choice.

      • That is the problem (for me anyway) .. I do EXPECT them to treat me with dignity and respect. They pursue you, court you, then you start to develop what seems like a close relationship, which leads to love making… Or for some men “scoring” They win the game. So it is over and they’re ready for something new but will continue to play until a new game shows up. .. But since us women have acted dignified and respectable we do not EXPECT them to treat us this way. It is a sad world where we need to actually EXPECT disrespectful and cruel treatment until someone shows us otherwise. How long do they need to do this before we know it is safe to trust them?

        • Okay, here’s what you do, it’s simple: don’t let men “score”.

          In other words, don’t let men have sex with you unless you are in a committed, monogamous relationship and HE HAS STATED IN WORDS that you are in one. Do not assume you are in a committed relationship simply because you went on a couple dates and had sex with him.

          Most men are not such dogs they will say they are committed and monogamous relationship when they don’t want to be in one. Men will make it pretty clear you aren’t the only one.

          But if you find a man is using you, cheating on you, drop him instantly and don’t take him back.

          Men can’t use you if you don’t let them. Make it so that a man has to pry your legs apart with a crowbar.

      • That’s actually very good advice. If a guy will verbally tell you that he loves you, and wants to be in a serious committed relationship with you and still acts like he is single, he is a liar and would still cheat even if you were married. Don’t worry about if presurring him to have “the talk” before you ‘give it up’ will run him off… If it does, he needs to run off.

  3. I do not understand why they keep quiet about what bothers them, or what isn’t working for them anymore, until they are so fed up they feel like the only option is leaving? When do they want to work it out vs. Bail out? Especially if it has been along term relationship with lots of invested time and mutual friends.

  4. Hello there, doll! You are hereby nominated for a kick ass award (is there any other kind?). Come on by and take a peek. HUGS!!

  5. You have to do it like a bandaid, rip it clean off!

  6. Am I being ignored here(my previous comment)?

  7. Good post. I know you got all those pics from Viagra ads.

  8. Check your spam folder.My comments are going to everyone’s spam.I don’t know why..

  9. Well the reason for men being reluctant and stuff about letting the girl know it’s over is a sense of “not wanting to hurt her”.

  10. I love the pictures and the captions on this one… so cool!!!

  11. One time this happened to me and after 3 weeks I was like, “hey buddy, time to break up, I get it.” He got all upset and freaked out and it turned out that he was acting like a fool because of a project at work. I felt like a dick. So we talked it through and it was almost like he needed to be reminded that communication can clear the brain.

    If I had told him to communicate though, he would have been annoyed, haha.

  12. Timely post – my BFF had a flip-flopper for 2 months. I sent this to her – it’s so important guys just end it.

    • I’ve seen my gfs go through hell because their husband wouldn’t end it in words.

      One hubby was sent overseas on a military tour and refused to give her a phone number to contact him. (This was before cell phones). I mean, come on, this is YOUR WIFE. If you don’t want her, just say so. Don’t play these games.

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