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Fantasy Airport Sex

No longer do you have to endure rude, hostile, unhelpful airport employees!

Now there’s helpful Ava, your airport virtual assistant. She’s deemed the “latest solution in airport security.” (Will she be defusing underpants bombs??) Ava is an image on a life-size flat screen who provides guidance about liquids and belt removal on an endless loop, and—bonus–doubles as a billboard for advertising crap because you can never have too many ads in airports.

The company who created her boasts that Ava is available 24/7, doesn’t take a break, won’t demand overtime pay, and can’t be recruited by Al Qaeda.

In the promo, Ava comes across as a submissive sex doll as she coos suggestively to potential airport directors, “….I can say what you want, dress the way you want, and be just about anything you want me to be.”

So, are we’re going to be engaging in fantasy airport sex during layovers and waiting to be groped by TSA?

Soon Ava will be interactive and answer passenger’s burning questions, “How long is my goddamn flight delayed?” “Where is a clean bathroom around here?” “Can you talk dirty to me?”

This is another example of just because we have the technology to do something, doesn’t mean we should bother.


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