7 Days Of Forced, Uneventful and Dumb Sex

There’s a new tv show called 7 Days Of Sex. Each episode follows the lives of two married-with-kids couples who have serious marital issues. In order to repair their relationship, the couples are told they must have sex every day for seven days—with each other.

The women are horrified.

This is the actual couple #2. Obviously, they’re married.

Husband #1 tells his wife excitedly that to get ready for their first sexy time he has shaved his nether region. It’s hard to tell which is a bigger turn-off for her, that he shaved or that he used her razor to do it.

Important Relationship Tip:  Guys, we don’t want to know about your boys, let alone visualize them with or without hair. We don’t want to visualize them at all.

Husband #2 is so uptight about their first session, he asks if he should put his pajamas on first. Surprisingly, his wife calls their sexy times, “uneventful”, “a disaster,” and “dumb.”

To loosen him up, Wife #2 forces her husband to go to….egads….a lingerie store, and pick out something cute for her. He flounders in the store amidst the corsets, crotchless panties and lace, admitting that he can’t handle “being surrounded by drawers.”

Important Relationship Tip for the Ladies:  Okay, if your man refers to lingerie as “drawers” there’s a good chance he’s not going to be spicy in the love-making department. (And he might need to have that Bible pried out of his hands.)

The show has a happy ending. Both couples lovingly renew their vows, but that’s the part that isn’t reality.