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Ten Painful Things Your Guy Isn’t Telling You

If your man could be brutally honest with you, this is what he would say:

1. If he had one wish it would be for you to stop talking so much

2.  He doesn’t want to watch the game with you (see reason #1)

3.  He checks out other women — all the time

4.  He’s running out of complimentary ways to say you look nice in some dress

5.  He doesn’t remember your anniversary because that date just isn’t important to him

6.  He buys Playboy, and other magazines like it, and doesn’t look at them for the articles

7.  He doesn’t want to be joined at the hip with you

8.  He treats you the way he does because he can

9.  He already has a nagging mother, he doesn’t need another one

10.  He wishes you would take a hint so he doesn’t have to spell everything out for you

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  1. 1. true
    2. i don’t watch sports (or tv), so non issue
    3. yes, but only glances, not mind fucking
    4. not if it’s a really nice dress
    5. if she matters, i remember. but i don’t buy gifts, i give my time. and a good all-about-her slammin.
    6. i won’t look at any porn if she’s happy to prance around in the lingerie i buy for her and she likes to dress up for ‘ME’ rather than strangers
    7. i like a girl who wants to be around me. not in a stalker, every minute kind of way. there is quite a fine line.
    8. you are treated the way you deserve. if you like jerks and date jerks, you deserve to be jerked around
    9. nagging = death of any relationship. tag it and bag it.
    10. we wish the hint was taken even AFTER we’ve spelled it out for ya 😉

  2. As a happily married man, I can only say that I agree with #1 and #3. The rest don’t even come close. 😉

  3. Great list, and if you polled all men, they would probably agree! Love #1 and the caption that goes with it. 🙂

  4. Hahah loving the brutal truth, especially #1

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