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What Are They??

Can you identify what these ladies are? Are they:

A)  Hugh Hefner’s latest party posse

B)  Strippers at a swanky high end club

C)  Victoria’s Secret models showcasing the new cocktail attire

It’s none of the above.

These are models wearing this year’s prom fashions. Don’t ya love it?

These dresses have caused a panic in school adminstrators as they have been forced to create rule books that lay down guidelines for how many cut-outs are allowed and how high slits can be. Schools intend to stand guard at prom entrances with measuring tape.

Granted, the dresses are risque, but they are prettier than what we wore back when I attended high school. Our hideous prom dresses looked something like this. Grandma’s drapes meets a polygamist compound.

All that’s missing from this photo is Warren Jeffs.

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  1. They’ve been quite revealing for some years now – the sexualisation of young girls and women is rampant. Honestly, fashion elite act like there’s no balance between old fashioned frump or over structured and modern barely there nude styles.

  2. I know. It shocked me, too when I first saw them.

  3. What???!!! That cannot be prom fashion OMG!! My daughter is only 4, I don’t even want to think what people might think prom fashion is when she is Prom age!! Holy crap. Thanks for this post. Caught my eye real quick!

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